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  1. when you see a post in FB of your buddies hanging out.. and you're sitting at the couch and can't do anything.. lol
  2. "Everyone is afraid.. but what you do while you're afraid is what makes a difference" - Black Hawk Down.. my all time favorite movie.
  3. Salamat mga bros sa mga suggestions!! Gusto talaga namin mag ikot outside Manila.. Super hassle ng traffic. Masyado nang crowded sa City.. Lahat ng tao nandun.. haha.
  4. Thanks! May nagkwento din sakin about Zoobic (tama ba spelling?). Parang Safari adventure din ata yun. Anyways, mas doable yun kasi malapit lang din sa Manila..
  5. Ay Mali.. Bukas pa pala yun game. Lol
  6. Congrats Manny! I think he can have 1 more fight. Maybe a rematch with Money.
  7. Game time tonight (Cali time)!! Going for win #73!!
  8. Yeah I heard about Baler too. Heard its a good spot for surfing. Maybe when my kids are a little bigger I can take them there. Thanks!
  9. 1 more win to beat the record! Next goal, win another title!
  10. Sa Peninsula bro. Alameda is actually just on the other side ng San Francisco.. Alameda is mich closer sa Oakland.
  11. Try to read about "Intermittent Fasting or IF".. I did that 2yrs ago and I lost a lot of weight. You just have to focus on the program.
  12. Any baseball fans here? I live in San Francisco, so Go Giants! Even year!
  13. Growing up in the 90's, super fan ako ng bulls.. But now I live in San Francisco, and GSW is our team.. So syempre maka-Bulls pa din ako, but at the same time, I want the warriors to beat the record.. parang 50/50 e.. haha.
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