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  1. May mga klaseng hindi ako napasukan dahil sa paglalaro ng Diablo II. Huhubels.
  2. Half Life opening credits. Feels like you're in a movie!
  3. Aldw

    Playstation 1

    This is niche; but Team Buddies! Then Final Fantasy Tactics.
  4. Nagmukhang kids ang Spurs. Nobody expected that. Hindi sila makasabay sa GSW. 25 TO from the best defensive team? Anyare mga sir?
  5. Aldw

    NBA Hacks

    They just really can't shoot at that distance. You almost don't see them doing jumpshots 'di ba? Their position should be on the post where they can just chuck in the basket.
  6. This is exciting! Hopefully it would fill the void tmleft by Heroes fans after it is cancelled.
  7. I agree. I used to follow this until season 4 (or was it 5?) when they finished the original story arc as to why their mother was killed. After that, labo labo na. Pero tinutuloy ko pa din. Binge-watching after a season ends. Nakasanayan na lang, saka naging fan na ako e.
  8. It's being cancelled... again. Sayang din. I loved the Heroes mythos. Too bad they just can't live up to how good Season 1 was.
  9. Inaabangan ko din kung sina si Blast e. 'Yung Class S Rank 1. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa nagpapakita.
  10. Same here. Very excited how the series would progress at this point; especially about Jon? Oh, and R+L=J.
  11. Malakas pa din ang FHM PH. Madami pa silang sponsors & events, plus they are a household name. I doubt that they'll go down anytime soon.
  12. Nawala na 'to sa mga bali-balita. Last I heard there were issues with their partership with San Miguel. Sayang naman. We need a third party telco to compete with Smart & Globe.
  13. Aldwin = First name is really Alvin but a lot of people mishear it as Aldwin Ligaya = My last name is uncommon, and frequently misheard as Ligaya
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