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  1. Hi you can try GCASH, and then use american epxress virtual pay to send the earnings to paypal or enroll for a gcash mastercard. More accessible si GCASH sa mga tao because all we need is just the app and a phone number. And then accessible naman sa paypal and vice versa. Edit: Sorry for suggesting since yung fee ko sa paypal is the same amount of what I'm going to send to you. It's kinda mess up kasi sayang yung fee. hehe.
  2. I never bought anything on Miniso hehe, thanks for the response although I was considering something from Xiaomi, Sony, and Anker. Even JBL doesn't stand out for my ears. And I already processed my order just now, thank you so much.
  3. Hi is there a way para di maconvert to usd? ang laki ng fee sakin, same as the price na isesend ko. Even tried using friends/family. When i send and receive to others naman wala akong fee. Ty
  4. Hi, I'm open for suggestion, need this as a gift to my nephew. I already have 3 items to consider, but I would like to hear your suggestions. As per the title says, best bluetooth earbuds under 1500php. Thank you aps.
  5. Panong walang pag asa? Updates are good at madaming events. Yung place lang ang downside pero overall satisfactory yung game for the pokemon fans. Recent update yung friend adding, gifts, trades. And binuhay nya ulit yung game.
  6. they really did changed alooooot. I must say, for me, it's gonna be a new story based on deathnote still. From the day Light got the notebook, from this series, it was ryuk made light pick it up and taught him how to use and whatnot. Ryuk made Light use the notebook whereas in the original it was Light who learned almost everything. For a fan, I must say I'm kind of disappointed but will still try to continue watching.
  7. This is so helpful! Thank you very much! And as for my chars, no change at all, I don't know why pero lili parin tlaga best pick. Medyo okay naman ako since nakapag laro narin ako aa arcade sa may fairview terraces and battled with some good players (forgot their teams, iisa lang sila maybe qc team haha) And if successful tong game sa desktop ko, I'll quit other games specially MMOs since lakas kumain ng time and will try to focus dito. Ito lang hinintay ko bago tumalon sa 7 from 6. And sure hinding hindi nako mag lalaro sa malls kung okay yung online multiplayer haha! goodluck on your si
  8. Downloading the game too as of now, ubusin ko na tong data cap ng globe just for this game, but hoping na marun to, omg. Di pa aabot ng entry level gaming tong desktop ko. </3
  9. Sir Red, if you wanna try it, just dl the apk, then install the fakegps. That's the only way for now. Pero bukas, friday, may chance na mag up na ang server perowalang official installer sa playstore. And about sa rare, if literal na rare, wala pa. Or those so called legendaries ? Sa mga event sila ilalabas. Risky para sa mga pasaway, pero helpful sya in terms of physical and mental health, positiveang feed back nitong pokemon go sa U S where in naging active yung mga tao. Hopefully ganun din dito satin.
  10. So na try ko, nag up ang server kanina, pero nag close ulit ng 1pm, but it's a sign! Malapit na! Pero ang news e matagaltagal pa ang labas nito sa playstore, pero open ang ph server
  11. Yes Sir Rider, wifi or data and gps, you can try the mock location thingyon your android device para matry tong game. Yan yung gnagawa ko ngayon habang di pa nari release, i dont mind if they ban me, gawa nalang ng new account para may thrill. Start over
  12. The server is currently down fyi para sa mga di makakita ng pokemon atm
  13. S7 OF COURSE. :D JUST COMPARE THOSE SPECS besides, Android is an Opensource OS, S7 is far superior from Iphone too. gsmarena.com, if you know this site, then try comparing both phones
  14. Some actions Code Geass. (Best story for me) Shakugan No shana. (Season 3 would be the best) Soul eater Black Butler Persona 4 Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Sword Art Online Log Horizon
  15. Kaka th10 ko lang. And so far , same padin ang loot nya. okay padin ang barchers. Sa th11 na hindi gumagana ang barc. Baka kasi hindi nkamax troops tas susugod sa mataas.
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