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  1. There's a rumor going around that Nvidia will be announcing or releasing the latest gen GPUs soon. Good luck to us! Here's hoping crypto miners won't jack prices up again this time!
  2. Sorry for the late reply @angkolbon23! If for gaming, take a look at MSI or Asus. Though pricey, you pretty much can't go wrong with their models. Gigabyte also has a gaming line out, and last time I checked (2 years ago pa, sorry) they were the most price friendly of the bunch! Hope this helps!
  3. Just got an Asus Nano USB Wi-Fi Adapter. A ridiculously small form factor gives me 5 Ghz and MU-MiMo. Loving it so far!
  4. Update: Finally got it working. My impression: Very, very cool. It crashed on me once as I was loading a game. Other than that, no crash issues. Streaming from PC to phone had barely noticeable lag. As for UI, imagine playing Steam Big Screen on your phone, that's pretty much it. I would advise against playing on phones though. Much too small. A tablet would be ideal. You have to remember, these games are optimized for PC, and don't scale well (such as text being too small to read). You can pinch to zoom and even move the screen around on your phone, but that's just silly. If you really insist on playing on your phone, I'd suggest simply getting a phone port of the game you want to play.
  5. May I also ask your opinions on running emulators on android? Is it safe?
  6. Haberdash

    Playstation 1

    Resident Evil! Who can forget?
  7. What platform if I may ask?
  8. Apologies, did not answer the topic question in my previous reply. Anyway, am playing multiple games atm. Maybe not the best habit to be engaging in as nothing ever really gets finished. Currently running through: 1. Mobile - Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia This is your typical mobile RPG. Just as grindy though not as lootbox-y as most out there. Paywall is there, though it doesn't really affect gameplay much as there is still a lot to do. As far as I have played it, yes you can reach all end-game content without paying a single cent, but it will take you much, much longer of course. Happily, regular content updates drop every week, the game is professionally made and managed, and seeing all your FF characters come to life in 3D (I'm an old gamer and it is a blast seeing FF toons from FF 1 to 6 rendered in 3D) keeps me entertained. 2. PC - Rainbow Six Siege, Civilization VI Play Siege until I get frustrated from getting my ass kicked, then play Civ 6 until I get frustrated I get my ass kicked, then back to Siege... Rinse and repeat...
  9. FYI lang gentlemen. Steam has just launched its Steam Link beta, an app that allows you to stream games from your PC to your phone. Basically, it's an app that did what the old Steam Link machine did, but to your phone. Ie. Your entire Steam library is now playable on your celphone! I haven't tried it yet, but will do so once I fix this @#(%&* network of mine. Has anyone already given this a try? What did you think?
  10. Reporting for duty, sir @rodennization! Really love my Switch, though limited lang games ko because everything is so expensive! Thoroughly enjoyed BotW!
  11. Haberdash

    For Honor

    Agreed @calos! I would suggest not skipping it, but wait for a good sale to at least give it a try. Combat is very satisfying! Possibly the best melee (medieval) combat I've seen implemented in any game.
  12. Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia (gd that's a long and awkward title). Awesome game to play if you are an FF fanboy and have a beefy phone to mess with!
  13. Can anyone recommend some good Nintendo Switch RPGs? Aside from BoTW of course. Loved the shit out of that game. A very well deserved Game of the Year awardee.
  14. I love me my eroge. I'm the opposite boss @This_Is_The_End. I like VNs, but only if they are eroge haha. On that note, do check out the Tlaero and Mortze line of games. Ms. Tlaero is quite the writer and I think you'll find that it's not all about boinking (though of course there is a great deal of it). My favorite games of theirs would be Dreaming With Elsa, and Getting To Know Christine. Though, most of her games are good imho. Hope this helps!
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