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  1. Ragnarok from PRO to Private servers (WOE servers) DOTA to Dota2, same parin ang laruan hehe. CSGO not to much (Nagsawa di nag rankup sa GNM) Currently playing PUBG.
  2. Mitchell pick ko for ROTY, underrated. West confenrence, still on playoffs and still doing fine. Simmons’ great too but, Mitchell is better
  3. Converge numbawan! 25mbps, 1500/month. Sobrang bilis, minsan nga lang nag dodown mostly pag friday nights.
  4. Hyper X Cloud Stinger, good quality for games like PUBG. Not that much in musics.
  5. Web Developer 4 years and counting!
  6. Rockets in 6, OKC in 6 Raptors in 7, Cavs in 6, Sixers in 6, Bucks in 7
  7. Gmail said "Something's not right.", what's wrong dude?

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