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  1. Sa Steam pa lang: Then, wala pa yung mga gastos ko sa Blizzard (WOW, Hearthstone, SC2, D3, etc)
  2. I've heard stuff from the models I've had who know him, but since I don't know the guy, I don't want to say anything. However, what I do know is that there IS some hanky-panky going on in some photoshoots (I'm not saying all), so having something like this happen isn't such a big surprise.
  3. Prince Plaza 2 or Asian Mansion sa Makati - along dela Rosa, Makati, a bit pricey, but may times na aabot ng less than 3k overnight - with free breakfast na 'yun
  4. Victoria Court is a good place; Rosal along Shaw is also fine However, what I personally do is book an overnight stay in a hotel room (usually 3 stars) - this should be good enough for 2-3 shoots; 'yun nga lang, medyo nakakapagod - but if you think about it, mas nakakamura minsan
  5. Here are my votes: 1. Ann Mateo 2. Bianca Peralta 3. Mae Constantino 4. Caleena Xehara 5. Ahlex Moreno
  6. As a reader of the books, this is actually the first season that I don't know what will happen - so, pretty excited about this one...
  7. IMO, Heroes: Reborn is as boring as the later seasons of Heroes, only watched the first few episodes, which got boring pretty quick
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