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  1. imho ass, boobs are amazing pero they will sag in time, esp. pag malaki. ass for the long term
  2. Pubgmobile, dota 2. And hopefully soon god of war 4
  3. Masyado kasi naiba from the frank miller's dark knight returns in which naglaban si batman vs superman with a more definitive winner.. Still prefer the cartoon/ comic
  4. Naalala ko na ung animated movie: Assault on arkham. Based sya sa arhkam series na video game
  5. Scar jo black widow, olivia munn psylocke, margo robie harley, famke jansen jean grey, anne Hathaway selina kyle,
  6. I suggest follow the fibonnaci sequence, parolli or 1326 system.(look it up) dpends sa playstyle and budget mo sir. Better to play with a system i believe than pure instinct.
  7. 2loy pb? I mean db binablock sila ng mga local na telcos, and since 2016 na where is trlstra?
  8. Halos same plot ba as the animated version? Being amanda waler recruits ss then at end helicopter cahse scene witn deadshot vs joker? With batman cameos?
  9. As for the villains mcu has always had weak villains. Eg. thor dark world, disposable villain #9 in ant man etc. But not always Exceptions are loki, ultron, magneto
  10. Balita ko sir season 6 parang naruto, flash back and fillers. May tower of joy episode with young ned stark. Episode 6 ata un.
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