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    recommended budget meal is logitech g300s.... i have tried steelseries life of it just 2 years
  2. nice2 thank you very much boss it's been a long time hanap ko sa google kng paanu hahahaha
  3. panu ba mag save ng pics from ig will you use your phone or needed ba by computer??? hope you can help me guys
  4. super duper stupidity at it's level nga eh they limit 100 persons a day that can claim but actuall ywhen you renew you can get the card after renewing your license.. I don't get the point to be back after 3 months just to claim the card
  5. music- IEM Shur SE215 pros- very good sound quality for it's price... cons- be sure not to be careless wire is very fragile... if it is broken it is expensive to replace Gaming- hyper X cloud 2 pros- good quality of sound at a very affordable price cons- leather in the earphones tend to tear for long usage but there is a free memory foam pads to replace it
  6. PLDT Fibr 50MBPS... 2899/mo. no cap that's the advantage.. but very hard to apply for a line because it is very limited
  7. Bought a samsung Note 8.. you'll never gonna be disappointed rather than buying iphoneX
  8. trojan.exe hahaha para walang mag attempt mag connect
  9. depende boss sa girl and sa iyong diskarte i would usually sweet talk then i would feel if gsuto nya rin ako.. then i would move to the next level... but try experimenting and learning from your mistakes... just be prepared to have your heart broken...
  10. that's great but the problem of it will be there will be more jobless people....
  11. IS leukemia is the cause of his medical problems? i was just curious why would he end his life... i heard some talks that he was gonna do the last tour because he has to cope up with the medication for his leukemia
  12. that's good because channing tatum i think do not fit to the character of gambit hahahahaha
  13. Maybe it is real becasue other priest learn how to exorcise and many have stories on experiencing or witnessing it..
  14. great sex because you can not think of food when your in the situation hahaha
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