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    Yes it is a good league since it gives the public viewers a team to support based on their hometown just like the defunct MBA. Although at a lover level of basketball teams are fun to watch because each team tends to gonall out to win it also gives a lot of opportunities to many players that cant make it to bigger leagues.
  2. We can also ask who among the two has a hotter wife? Well i prefer jay z since i grew up listening to his music.
  3. Yes, HIIT will help you burn a lot of calories together with calorie deficit will increase your success rate in losing weight just make sure you burn more than you consume.
  4. I also hope that crawford wins medyo lumaki na ulo ni horn and to set up a paquiao crawford match up
  5. Yup, Ben Simmons his averages are sure rookie of the year worthy.
  6. Sa bigs dun magkaka problem walang pantapat tnt kay fajardo and stan, But they still have a chance of beating them breaks of the game pa rin if smb was caught in an off night and tnt is shooting the lights out kaya pa din.
  7. Counting calories is the key and make sure to mind your macros, be in calorie deficit if you want to lose weight.
  8. Yes lebron is a freak of nature because of his built, athleticism, and skills plus add his will to win games. At his age he still dominates the nba and has not shown any sitns of slowing down.
  9. Yun nga lang i think romeo will still be consuming lot of time in most possessions that might affect the team.
  10. Sky broadband plan 1299 8mbs nga lang but pretty reliable nman
  11. Anti, we need first to fix our judiciary system since there are a lot of flaws
  12. I love lebron james ability to carry a whole team but i hate his primadona style of controlling the whole team.
  13. With the trade that sent romeo to tnt they will form another lethal back court combination too bad tnt does not kmow how to utilize the talent of moe on their previous lineup.
  14. Sky cable is good, were using their 8mbps plan
  15. Yes it will be GSW vs. Cavs for the 2017 finals again.
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