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  1. Is Idolzone's PayMaya working? It says account number invalid.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S9+. I gotta say it's been more than what I expected.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S9+. It's realllly good if you're upgrading from s6/s7 era. but I don't think it's worth an upgrade if you have an s8 though
  4. Ashley Rivera Marian Rivera Jessy Mendiola Cristine Reyes Kim Domingo
  5. @noturextraordinaryguy True. I believe it's extremely hard to pinpoint the people who really gave away those spiked drinks coz of the amount of people who attended. Though it's kind of a win to apprehend some sellers and sources. It's just that they shouldn't say na case closed kasi may naapprehend na sellers. Let's be real, most of the people rin take it in their condos or cars before going to the event. I bet most of those minors who took em' didn't buy it at the event grounds itself.
  6. @patrick yeah. Actually may mga tinulungan akong new generation nung gabing yun. napansin ko kasi parang mga tanga na di nila alam pano gagawin nila and di marunong mag-alaga mga kasama nila. Kaya ayun. Anlala nga nung isa kala ko malalgutan na ng hininga kasi may mga giangawa shang mali. the next day they messaged me, nagthathank you sa pag-alaga. bayani daw ako ng party peeps amp. one of the positive things lang sa incident na yan, may mga natakotn a sa kanila magtake ulit. Kaso di na mabbalik yung lives that were lost. especially the innocent ones. I don't really care much about dun sa mga nagtake na laam nila tinetake nila. Naaawa ako dun sa family nung mga inosente tapos ilelabel sila ng general public at media na drugista yung anak
  7. @Patrick: Yeah in regulation rin naman ako kahit nung nag gaganun pa ako. And besides kahit di ako nakadrop parang palo daw ako lagi hahaha What I can say about this new generation that take this stuff is hindi sila naeducate properly. It may seem funny to some but the term "responsible-use of drugs" is actually true. I remember my first take. Bago kami magtake na mga newbies at that time, nagmeeting kami sa room ng isang friend and there was a whiteboard. THey educated us about the do's and dont's and some standard protocol how to take care of each other. Sobrang thankful ako na naeducate ako ng maayos bago magtake. I knew how to take care of myself and others. Pero yung generation ngayon ng new takers (I'm still quite young rin, It's jutst that I tried this at a young age), I can say na napaka irresoponsible nila. They take things without proper knowledge unlike our generation and yung generations before us. Which could sometimes lead to innocent people paying for their lives such as what has currently happened.
  8. The media kasi rin doesn't have inside knowledge about these stuff and mahirap naman magcomment sa mga social media with your own account kasi tatanungin bakit mo alam dba. As much as you want to educate everyone on the inside of this whole thing, all you can do is watch from the sidelines. I maybe lucky or unique enough na I fully immersed in that underground world and still got out intact. Which leaves me with these underground connections. I could still dive myself into it and get out whenever I want though. I just prefer not to go back into their world coz of how the scene is right now. That capsule itself that was mixed sa drink nila, kahit di mo na haluan ng other things malakas talaga. saw it firsthand before. I just wish na di na sila nangdamay ng ibang tao na walang kamalay-malay if they wanted to try it.
  9. I don't think that's Green Amore lang. coz iba yung content. and Green Amore is like normal ecstacy. That's the thing na they used to call God Pill/ Immortal. It has the same color of the caps kaya nagkalituhan dati yung sa friends ko and they accidentally took it. Kahit mga hardcore vets iniiwasan yung capsule na yan. It's way too powerful. They just charge it to experience till this day na at least kahit accidental na take nila.
  10. Yeah.the capsule na nakahalo sa drink is not normal ecstasy and that used to have a different name. That shit's for hardcore vets who know how to handle themselves and each other. That's not even for intermediate users. I witnessed my friends accidentally take that before. Mali yung nadeliver sa kanila. Good thing they're vets and know what to do and how to handle themselves as well as take care of each other. I almost accidentally take that stuff along with them before. Buti nalang i got from somebody else. That shit made my friends hallucinate like crazy and nagsusuka yung isa, tingin nya sinusuka nya is colorblack sa isip nya. I think it was called Immortal and God Pill back then.
  11. The media and general public rin is getting confused about the capsule or the water. It is both true coz one of the ways to take ecstasy is to break off the capsule and dissolve the content into the water.
  12. I was actually there and know a lot of underground connections. I can confirm that two of the people who died were victims. The girl was a friend of my buddy and nakita ko pa sha ilabas sa harap. And based sa mga underground friends ko di daw nagdrudrugs yung bf at yung girl. we thought she was just dehydrated from the heat. The dad who died sabi sakin malinis daw yun ever since and never talaga nagtatry nun. Actually galit lahat ng friends at family nila na ginegeneralize na lahat nung namatay eh alam yung ininom nila at drugista. If only people knew na SOBRANG HIRAP kumuha ng water that night coz kinakapos na sa water yung organizers and ang init talaga lalo na ata sumasayaw yung mga tao. Di ko rin masisi sila kung bakit sila napainom sa water na inalok ng strangers. Me and my friends took aroung 20 mins just to get a hold of some drinks. As for the other 3, I'm not sure about their stories.
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