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  1. @JonasNader @Rotoworld_BK gary harris or de'anthony melton?

  2. @MikeSGallagher @JonasNader would you take trevor ariza or juancho hernangomez? 16 team competitive league 9 cats

  3. you haven't earned shit!! continue your hustle

  4. @Knaus_RW @MikeSGallagher @JonasNader who would you rather have shamet or coby white?

  5. @JonasNader just took bam in the 4th round of a 16 team h2h league. followed by wcj in the 5th. then bagley on the 6th

  6. @JonasNader drafted him and carter jr. then, scooped harrell off waivers. and now, i have a solid big man rotation… https://t.co/dpstl4dbOT

  7. sorry sir, sweep na raptors mo.
  8. i like the jazz better than okc but a hou/okc matchup is more watchable than a hou/uta one. some of my early predictions will no longer happen as NOP already swept POR and the cavs/indy matchup is currrently tied at 2-2. hopefully, philly could finish their matchup in 5 instead of the 6 that i predicted. i'd like a cavs/phi matchup for the ecf, and i don't know who to cheer for in those two
  9. ghouston in 6, jazz in 6, por in 6, gsw in 5 tor in 6, cavs in 5, sixers in 6, mil in 6
  10. @JonasNader hey! who would you choose between jeremy lamb and josh jackson?

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