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  1. @Isaiah_Thomas @ChrisAlves_ How's that book Isaiah? Welcome to the Land sir!

  2. @sethsromans CENA, STYLES, MIZ, ZAYN, NEVILLE.

  3. @SLAMonline Nashty, Kobe, Peja, Swish41, Yao

  4. @WWEPeytonRoyce Peyton Royce longest reigning Women's champ loses to a returning Trish Stratus in 5 secs how do you like the sound of that?

  5. @LanceStorm rib of the year!

  6. @FireNathanielsz you jinx it man ahahah

  7. @micohalili so he had 20 pts at the 2nd half?! #captainobvious

  8. @DennisPrincipe too soon man

  9. What can you say about the Doctor Strange trailer guys? Excited?
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