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  1. This was an American take to Death Note. Fairly enough it is very American. Although Deathnote fans are left disappointed. I believe this film has a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes
  2. Terror attacks every where. The world is getting scarier. Why can't we settle our differences? People are so greedy for power and influence in order to have the total authority.
  3. I have been playing Mobile Legends for a month now. Honestly the game is very addicting. Other than that is Chrono Clock and Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. Boneo

    WWE / TNA

    So basically Smackdown gets Kevin Owens if he wins at payback Sami Zayn Jinder Mahal The Shinning Stars Rusev Lana Tamina Charlotte New Day Sin Cara
  5. Boneo

    Wrestlemania 33

    Wrestlemania 33 Predictions: Neville (c) vs Austin Aries Cruiserweight Championship match - No offense to the greatest man that had ever lived pero I am rooting for Neville. I really like his heel run and I think he should retain the title to show dominance. Andre the Giant memorial battle royal - Braun I mean who is the better pick to win this match? Dean Ambrose (c) vs Baron Corbin Intercontinental Championship Match - Corbin is the favorite to win this one but I want Dean Ambrose to have his wrestlemania moment then maybe drop the titlle on the next PPV. SD Women's Championship - Alexa Bliss will retain her title. The creative team is hot on Alexa right now so there's no reason for her to lose the title The Club (c) vs Enzo and Cass vs Sheamus and Cesaro RAW Tag Team Championship Match - As much as I like The Club and wanting them to retain I'll go for Enzo and Cass The duo needs their wrestlemania moment to solidify themselves John Cena and Nikki vs The Miz and Marysse- CENA AND NIKKI wins because if they don't it will violate the JOHN CENA'S HOUSE RULE just kidding Cena and Nikki will win this one then get ready for the proposal I guess? Chris Jericho (c) vs Kevin Owens US Championship match - KO will win this one I mean the feud is good and all but this is the most predictable match on the card. Bayley (c) vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Nia RAW Womens Championship Match- Nia Jax for the win. I want Nia to win the title then Asuka debuts and just destroys her. Shane vs AJ Styles - Shane will jump off of that huge ring. Then AJ will win. Seth Rollins vs HHH - Rollins will win this match with the help of Finn Balor? But I want Seth to win on its own The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns- Roman will win hah! April Fool's Yo! But seriously if Roman wins this match he's gonna get booed out of the Stadium. Taker for the win Bray (c) vs Randy WWE World Championship Match- I know Bray is the favorite to win but I think Randy needs a last title run before he goes away. Goldberg (c) vs Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Championship Match- THE SON OF GOLDBERG WILL WIN.
  6. Boneo

    Wrestlemania 33

    Mukhang kinulam si Seth nung ex-fiancee nya haha
  7. What's your favorite ERB song @This_Is_The_End?
  8. All of the Epic Rap Battles. Especially the Stalin vs Rasputin
  9. Boneo

    WWE / TNA

    wala pang official news pero ayon sa Young Bucks sila daw bibili with all of their merch money
  10. I main Dante and that is why I want him in the roster.
  11. I just hope that Dante will still be in the roster.
  12. @krimson38 Magic will surely be positive haha but I seriously he is a good leader for Lakers. Despite his tweets the man has the right experience to command a team, but the challenge is that this will be a franchise not just a team.
  13. Boneo

    WWE / TNA

    Another week for Vince Mcmahon likes big sweaty men haha. Honestly Luke Harper is a great big man. I was a fan of his work since his debut. If he ever goes to main event the grand daddy of them all I hope he pulls the upset haha coz Vince Mcmahon likes big sweaty men. Cena and Nikki vs Miz and Marysse. Yep it has been planted now especially next week where Cena will be the guest of MizTV I have an undying loyalty for Asuka <3 but Alexa Bliss is hot. Does she already have a topic here? >Whopps went and checked it meron at ako may gawa haha sorry tagal kasing nawala haha check nyo guys haha
  14. Boneo

    WWE / TNA

    I was surprised with the Raw's mainevent. Big Show vs Braun was a good match considering it was a battle between two big men and yes we know that VINCE LIKE SWEATY MEN Braun really improved since his debut. He has movesets that you would not expect from someone so green last year. That dropkick to counter the spear was freaking awesome.
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