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  1. Any genji mains out hereeee? tips on how to get better. tried playing him a few times. I always end up parang I'm throwing the game, kahit hindi naman, bobo lang talaga ako so far the hardest hero for me. Please help me to getgud
  2. Well for me, I think na best bang for the buck is yung Logitech G102, got it for PHP 1150. Sensor is pretty accurate, just make sure that mouse acceleration is off sa PC. May customization pa, so if you're into RGB you can light it up like a Christmas tree. though one of my friend thinks maliit siya, pero it works for me eh. size is comparable sa typical A4 TECH mice, walang adjustment period for me. Parang ginawa siya for me.
  3. haha parang walang bra, pero bat may strap sa shoulder niya, ano yon sando? parang sando hahaha
  4. got the hang of it na, I must say this is far better than before! plus the black on white i like. fast navigation, it seems faster, and the pictures i dont know if it's just me, loads faster. I dig this one! kudos to the guys who made this possible!
  5. @n-eazy agreed! lili simmons melts the screen on banshee! plus trieste kelly dunn should've had more nude scenes
  6. not sure if series counts, but banshee sex scenes are great, especially the cunnilingus scene between ivana milicevic and rus blackwell. whos with me? no one? okay
  7. 1. janella salvador 2. julia barretto * heck i wanna see them wearing something daring lol 3. jessy mendiola 4. dawn jimenez list goes on.
  8. new interface looks good, something to get used to. the only thing i have to point out is yung white on white design. medyo naduduling kasi ako, i don't know kung ako lang. just my two cents.
  9. I agree, i love his character. plus, hope they bring back Patty Spivot. i wont mind seeing her more than Iris West.
  10. juice saver builds anyone? nakaka 10 ml a day ako which is like 50 - 100 pesos a day. any tips para medyo makatipid tipid naman
  11. please do watch limitless. you wont regret it. sobrang ganda ng storya!
  12. the real question is who is the other guy inside the cage sa earth 2, yung nag tatap ng glass or something hahahaha
  13. personally id suggest going for cuboid na. para isang gastusan nalang. rather mag simula ka sa mga single batt regulated mods, tapos you'll end up upgrading kasi mabibitin ka sa battery life and or flavor/vapor. doble gastos. 2nd hand price ng set. 2.5k - 3k brand new : 5k
  14. guessing from your name i think may idea ako kung sino ka not 100 % sure though hahaha!
  15. griffin v. gemini rta succubus vs baal v3 vs tsunami? whatt do you think xse7enn
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