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  1. Guys. Invite me sa ROS. stipemiocic pangalan ko dun. Hehehe. AR15 yung preferred ko na riffle with silencer and x4 scope. Pati WRO na shotgun. Hehe
  2. For me its Rockets vs. Raptors or Warriors vs Raptors in the Finals
  3. battle of bastards na next week sino kaya mananalo? im guessing the lannister will help
  4. it's nice that you sir is a wrestling fan..i too am a wrestling fan..i might have chose a wrong word for the "everything"
  5. operating room nurse hehe..tara na at mg opera:D
  6. i hope whiteside will be a lakers next season along with kevin durant jordan clarkson! pinoy pride!
  7. hopefully Kevin Durant or Derozan..but some says Paul George..haaay..i hope they could play in the playoffs next season..
  8. have been a LAKERS fan since i was a kid..hope they could come back strong this next season hopefully with their new coach Walton and some supertars in the rosters...too bad Kobe is retired
  9. wala na yata future ang wrestling..everybody is transferring to UFC..wala na kasing mga superstars and WWE...wala ng bago
  10. steph curry! lebron hater here hahaha pero kobe all the way ako
  11. RIP CHYNA! she was a beast back in 90s watched her take down many wwe superstars..too bad she died early
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