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  1. https://t.co/3CxZr55VSv https://t.co/CbaEI7RHW1

  2. James Blunt - When I Find Love Again [Official Video]re https://t.co/eOdqFzjXCZ

  3. @jem_bii mwahhhhhhhhh misshh you

  4. #ToolsForTinder adds Mass Liking, Set Location, Search, &more to #Tinder! Available on iOS - https://t.co/kVhwDu7V8s

  5. Netflix and chill...by myself.

  6. Sigh hope you dont be like your sister. Goals ruined.

  7. Wish i married my kishio before i left. Wahhhhhhh. Miss u so much.

  8. Feeling inspired again by chef ramsay. Going to make homemade mash potatoes and crispy salmon

  9. i miss my ex so much

  10. Yes spiderman is back. I dont like his costume though.SLOW MO the link. Any notice how his eyes are white and they shrink when he squints?? Kinda funny, i thought the see through eyes would stay the same size since its a mask.
  11. yamashita japanese ramen in baguio. Its next to 50's diner
  12. I had my flight last week. The porters or the people helping passengers with their luggage, I feel sorry for them. They make no money because of this. I honestly didnt want their help even though i needed it because fear of the issue.
  13. He will be a future hall of famer no doubt. Love the talents he brought to the NBA. Thanks kobe, now there will never be another 18 year old fresh off a high school graduate to make it to NBA because of you and you showed that your cheating scandal will be forgiven if you win championships.
  14. I can vouch for turtle beach. Expensive but worth it. Better just buy a cheap sound bar until then
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