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  1. What defines us is how well we rise after falling...

  2. I just saw it in the local news and read at yahoo news ...I just want to share it.. Top 10 Prettiest Pinay Politicians SPOT - Monday, September 27SendIM StoryPrint. Top 10 Prettiest Pinay Politicians Call it superficial or shallow, but admit it, pretty girls always have an edge--especially in these looks-crazy islands called The Philippines. Chucking ideology, achievements, work records, and such, SPOT.ph lists the 10 Pinay politicians--both active and inactive--who have "face value." It’s time for brainless entertainment once more. (By the way, we’ve purposely excluded artistas-turned-politicians for obvious reasons.) 10. LOREN LEGARDA Though she’s been vilified for her political moves, you have to admit that Legarda makes 50 look damn good. The senator, who appeared in TV ads when she was younger, radiates a classy cougar vibe that’s best appreciated when you’re standing close to her. She’s looks luminous on TV--especially when she’s wearing white--but she’s hot in person. It’s hard to picture her as the mother of two young men, her sons Lance and Lean. 9. FATIMA ALIAH DIMAPORO The congresswoman of Lanao del Norte’s second district could be mistaken for a beauty queen. Statuesque and with a golden tan, she could easily have taken home a beauty title. The comely charmer belongs to the Dimaporo clan, tagged as the most powerful political family is Lanao del Norte. 8. EMMELINE AGLIPAY She is a representative of the Democratic Independent Workers Association (DIWA) party-list. Petite and with an elegantly elfin face, the congresswoman has a sweet smile that could light up a room. It’s a pity she didn’t get more solo shots in DIWA’s campaign ad. 7. RACHEL MARGUERITE "CUTIE" DEL MAR The congresswoman of Cebu’s first district has the face of an angel, good enough for beauty shots and close-ups. In fact, she’s had hosting stints in shows like One Morning (broadcast on government channels NBN-4, RPN-9, and IBC-13), as well as She Said, She Said on Destiny Cable. This cutie should always wear her hair down, as photos with her hair up don’t do her justice. 6. ABIGAIL FERRIOL This Kalinga party-list representative is the prettier Asian version of Reese Witherspoon. Her expressive eyes, dimples, and fabulous hair are her best assets. At 26, this cutie is the youngest member of the 15th Philippine Congress. 5. JANNAH EJERCITO She is one of the councilors of San Juan City’s second district. She is the daughter of movie producer Jessie Ejercito, former President Joseph Estrada’s brother. At 33, she can still pass for a colegiala--what with her svelte figure and mestiza features. 4. DARLENE CUSTODIO As the current mayor of General Santos City, this petite cutie--who had also served as the congresswoman of South Cotabato’s first district--charms her public with her feisty ways and her glorious tan. She’s 36 but she always looks like a little girl. We wonder what kind of anti-aging cream she uses. She’s one politician who looks great even without makeup. 3. RISA HONTIVEROS Though she lost when she ran for senator, she had already made her mark as one of the representatives of Akbayan party-list in Congress. Hontiveros is someone we’d like to see in the political arena. God knows, we could sure use someone like her. Her delicate good looks alone are worth the wait. She looks like a model even when she’s just in a T-shirt and fighting off the riot police. 2. SHALANI SOLEDAD Soledad, 30, is a councilor of Valenzuela City, but she’s gained national fame as the girlfriend of President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III. This mestiza has the kind of beauty that grows on you. The more you look at her, the more you think she’s beautiful. Her mysterious stance only fuels the public’s curiosity 1. MONICA LOUISE "NIKKI" TEODORO The former congresswoman of Tarlac’s first district is now keeping a low profile following her husband Gilberto Teodoro’s failed presidential bid. But there is no doubt that her fans miss seeing her on TV. At 44, she has a face and figure that rival those of younger women. She epitomizes the acronym MILF
  3. :aps-sad:Dagdagan ko lang ng info and pics :aps-sad: Galing po ito sa Facebook ni Karen Borbador and Pauleen So On the way to the airport… Pau forgot her handbag.. so we opted to return to Pagcor, then we proceeded back to our route which was the airport… most of us girls were falling asleep.. from what I remember… I was nearly falling asleep on Pau while her head was leaning towards the window already or lower..not sure..anyway as we were going far ahead.. I heard someone say “Ben” 3 times.. I don’t even know who Ben is..but as soon as that happened.. everything just turned WHITE and we already ran over something.. As soon as I became conscious of what happened… I screamed “Run, the car might explode” cause the smell of Gas was leaking while smoke came out of the pajero.. so i opened the doors and screamed so everyone could wake up and get out.. I remember running far..while Jahz and Jem followed my lead and we were all on the ground without our slippers..or handbag for the most of us.. and they were all asking if their faces were ok.. They were fine however bleeding ..but at least not distorted right? Anyway then I looked at Pau.. her blood was gushing all over and her eyes were closed..she got out of the another day. Jahz, Jem and I took the latest flight out.. cause we were confined for a while..and the rest got home days after. The events people that were with us.. are still in the hospital I think. Anyway I hope you guys can pray for them. THe accident clearly woken us up. Personalities started to come out..and in this certain moment… you can finally tell who your real friends are and those that really care about you. Thank you to all that messaged / called/ blogged/ spread news and etc on us regarding this incident. Much prayers were bestowed to us because of the fast spread of the news. Thank you to all our supporters … we will of course make our shoots hotter, more exciting..and more ALIVE than ever
  4. 'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talk Season 6, plus what they hate about each others' characters Look, we're not going to beat around the bush here: "Supernatural" stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are hot, hot, hot, and every time we get to be in the same room as them, we're all a-flutter. Zap2it caught up with the Winchester boys at Comic-Con in San Diego and had the chance to talk to them about Season 6, which starts one year after the Season 5 finale. Ackles' character, Dean, has spent the last year as a defacto stepfather to his girlfriend Lisa's son. "It's definitely a unique color for him, you know? Driving a pickup truck to the construction site and having dinner and falling asleep in a normal bed," Ackles says. He wasn't surprised to find that Dean took that direction. "I think there was always a piece of Dean that wanted to make an effort to live a normal life, and [Lisa] was the closest thing that he had to that." "I think that's really what he was hung up on, was the idea of what she could bring him. And, you know, she's not unattractive," he adds. Ackles' upcoming directorial debut, which just wrapped production in Vancouver. "It's something that he's passionate about; he's always been interested in it," Padalecki says. "He's one of my best friends, so it was cool to be like, 'Cool man, I'm glad you got your opportunity this year. What do you want from me?'" "It was definitely a unique experience," Ackles says. "I've never looked at a script the way I had to look at the one that I direct. As an actor you just look at it and make decisions on your character. I was having to make decisions on every word, on every page. It's a lot to think about. It's a lot of homework, a lot of decisions to make. You're the Captain of the Problem-Solving Squad." Padalecki had the easy job: "It was like making a movie with your best buddy," he says. "It's like making home videos or something." As Captain of the Problem-Solving Squad, Ackles couldn't live the comfortable life of an actor. "Any problem that ever happens while we're filming, as an actor, I'm like 'Eh, I don't get paid for that.' I can just walk away and let people deal with it who do. Now it was me having to deal with all that." Padalecki wasn't envious of Jensen being in charge. "I'm not jealous, actually," he tells us. "I don't think it's for me. It's kind of daunting for me, it's almost like if somebody told me to write. I'm not a writer, I'm an actor. I'm happy being in front of the camera, as an actor at least." We asked both stars what their favorite thing about the others' character is, but they preferred to talk about what they don't like. "My least favorite thing is how tall [sam] is," Jensen joked. "He's bossy," Jared added. "Dean is bossy." This season, things will change. "It's a different Sam this season," Padalecki says, "So Sam is kind of the bossy one this season. Sam's kind of like 'I've got the answers, I was in hell, and I was Lucifer, so just follow my lead.' I get to play the big brother a little bit."
  5. 'Supernatural' EP Sera Gamble: Lisa will recur, plus Dean's amulet and more Though we just spoke to "Supernatural" showrunner Sera Gamble at Comic-Con, there's always more to say about those Winchester boys. When Zap2it caught up with her at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, we asked her the question on every fan's mind. Will we ever see Dean's amulet again? The necklace, which Sam (Jared Padalecki) gave to Dean (Jensen Ackles) when they were kids, was a staple of Dean's wardrobe until this season, when Dean discovered that he wasn't a part of Sam's heaven and tossed it in a motel trash bin, much to our chagrin. So we have to know -- did Sam retrieve it? "Maybe," Gamble says coyly. "I can say that you won't be seeing the amulet any time soon, but I can't necessarily say you'll never see it again." When Season 6 opens, Dean -- sans amulet -- has been living with Lisa Braeden (Cindy Sampson) and her son, Ben, for a year, believing that Sam is dead. "Last season when we were conceiving the idea of Dean settling down, we knew we couldn't just choose any woman from his long history of women," Gamble says. "Dean's driving force has always been his devotion to his family. He puts family above all else. We knew that no matter what his connection was to Lisa, or how wonderful she was, or great the sex was, it's about family. For Dean it's not about wanting to be with Lisa as much as it's about wanting to be part of a family unit." If you're expecting Lisa to die a fiery death in the season premiere as a throwback to the pilot, think again. "Lisa will be recurring in the first half of the season," Sera confirms. "She's not just a one-off thing." Gamble has taken over Eric Kripke's position as showrunner, though he remains in place as executive producer, but that's not the only shake-up in the "Supernatural" writers' room. Fan favorite Jeremy Carver is heading up the U.S. version of the BBC's beloved "Being Human," so he's no longer part of Gamble's writing staff. "We're so happy for him," she says. "As a fan of the BBC version of the show, it's in good hands. We'll miss him on our show, but we're thrilled for him, and the door is always open, so who knows what will happen. He could be contributing. He wrote some of our best episodes. In fact, I think if you asked Eric Kripke, away from all the other writers, he'd say that 'Changing Channels' is his favorite of all of our episodes." Kripke has said many times over the year that he'd planned a five-season arc for "Supernatural." Now that the series has moved into Season 6, we couldn't help but wonder whether this is the end. "We know how we want the series to end," Gamble says. "Right now, we're sort of doing something that not many shows have done in the past, which is to say we've closed out our first story and we're moving on to a second chapter. We're not necessarily approaching it as our last season, but we are prepared for the eventuality. We've got an endgame, absolutely." By the way, just because "Supernatural" has a female showrunner now, don't expect Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki to be taking their clothes off any more often. "I think the shirtlessness ratio is the same," Gamble laughs. "It's cold in Vancouver! I have to put their health first."
  6. 'Supernatural': Fred Lehne returns as Azazel, plus Jensen Ackles is 'a great director' We thought we'd seen the last of him, but he's back! At this weekend's Creation Entertainment Salute to "Supernatural" convention in Parsippany, N.J., Fredric Lehne himself affirms that he will return as the series' original baddie, the Yellow Eyed Demon - also known as Azazel. Zap2it is still awaiting studio confirmation, but for now, we'll take Lehne's word for it. Lehne says he'll start work on Wednesday, July 14, while the cast and crew is working on the season premiere. Though he has had the most screen time as Azazel, the demon has also been portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rob Labelle, Mitch Pileggi, and very briefly by Lindsey McKeon. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Mitch Pileggi will also return to the show -- though whether he'll appear as Azazel or Samuel Campbell, Sam and Dean's grandfather, we don't know. The demon was killed by Dean in the Season 2 finale, so we're guessing he's returning for a flashback or a time-travel episode. Either that, or Azazel's back from the dead... which isn't exactly a rare occurrence on "Supernatural." It happens just about every Thursday, give or take. Sera Gamble, who has taken over for Eric Kripke as showrunner for the series' sixth season, has mentioned that this year "Supernatural" will return to a format that closely resembles its first season, so it seems appropriate to bring back the first season's biggest villain. Meanwhile, the cast and crew have been busy shooting the season's fourth episode, "A Weekend at Bobby's." Series star Jensen Ackles is taking his first big step behind the camera as director, and so far, he's getting rave reviews. "Had lunch my buddy who just shot SPN episode. NOT saying anthying other than this: 1) Jensen was a great director...2) Blood everywhere!" tweeted Samantha Ferris, who played Ellen Harvelle until she was killed off last season. The shoot hasn't been all bloody fun and games, though. Zap2it fave Jim Beaver worked a 17-hour day as Bobby Singer (hear that, Katherine Heigl?) and the following day updated his Facebook status to read, "The heatwave hit Vancouver today, and between being sunbaked and allergy-stricken, I'd just as soon have skipped today." Sounds brutal -- but we'd endure it to spend the day getting bossed around by Jensen Ackles. Just sayin'. Expect some serious violence in the episode. "Haven't had a major all-out fight scene in years," says Beaver. "Halfway through this one and I'm feeling pain in places I didn't know I had places. Fun!" Shooting a fight scene during a heat wave under TV lights doesn't exactly sound fun. "Home at 1 a.m., we'll finish the fight tomorrow," he writes. "When you pull off your shirt and it drips onto the floor, you know it's been a warm day." Gross! Gleeks will notice another familiar face in the episode -- Jennifer Aspen, who plays Terri Schuester's enabling sister Kendra on "Glee," makes a memorable appearance. [update] Aspen shared the following photo of herself from the "Supernatural" set via her Twitter, @givekendraasong. Looks like Ferris' "Blood everywhere!" tweet was no exaggeration.
  7. Supernatural returning on September 24 Eric Kripke Gives Details on 'Supernatural' Season 6 Kripke is still involved, though he only plans on writing one episode this season and directing one. That should be exciting since he's only directed two episodes in the show's history, the last one being the season 4 finale. - Monster origins will be a big story of this season. I'm kind of excited at the possibilities of exploring where monsters like wendigos, werewolves and vampires come from. It feels like a completely different kind of story that can go down some very interesting paths. - The Campbell family origins should be an exciting story as well. Kripke's comment in the interview about Campbells killing vampires on the Mayflower is pretty awesome and shows that, whatever the story is behind all these monsters, the Campbells were probably there. This interview is probably the single most-clarifying explanation of what to expect from Supernatural season 6 and while it's a little bit different, I'm excited to see how the writers handle the monsters, the family tree and the angels that are still around. In many ways, I think season 6 is going to be exactly the same and completely different at the same time.
  8. :thumbsup: Nice updates kelan kaya ulit mag uumpisa yung new season...
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