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  2. ahh oo. filipina kasi si Ember Snow. This year lang siya pumasok sa porn industry. ilang months ko rin siyang finafollow hehe
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  4. Speaking of post-Mania Raw, for me, surprisingly they didn't go all-out. When I say all-out as in full of explosion / suprises / new plot twist / etc (basta alam nyo na yun). This post-Mania Raw? Not so much. AJ Styles as #1 contender is a great way to end Raw pero the overall Raw, it's in the "okay lang" department. The debuts were "okay lang" though not the ones we're anticipating (the likes of Bayley, Samoa Joe, Balor Club sana) Cesaro's return is great pero where's the return of Cena, Rollins, Orton?, (or Angle and Goldberg)? Wala ding nangyari na storyline continuation (like what happen to Shane? I mean ganun ganun lang siya mawawala. I mean sure you gave him 3 hours of Raw, for? so yun na yun? How about Triple H? So ayun lang yun tanggap na niyang talo siya?) Today's Raw feels like a can of soda pero kalahati lang laman. "It's good that I'm drinking pero nabitin ako" Pero on the brighter side, I kinda understand WWE since feeling ko iniipon lang nila yung "fireworks" na yun for the upcoming RAWs especially since madalas mawalan sila ng ratings and audience kapag RAW after PPV. So this strategy is for them to keep their audiences to watch the next episode of RAW. Pero still, this is RAW after Wrestlemania so I'm expecting a bit more effort sana (as in more explosion and surprises)
  5. As I stated before, it's a Wrestlemania that will be enjoyed by a live audience but a contrary for the audience at home or anywhere outside Dallas. As usual everyone performed great however everyone should agree it's the worst booked Wrestlemania of all time.
  6. I just hate today's RAW. Probably the most boring RAW so far this year. And by watching it, I just realized they actually did a great job of "escaping a soon to be disaster" on Wrestlemania 30 by putting in Daniel Bryan on the main event. Good thing they bang their heads on the wall and realized, "ano tong ginagawa natin? Bakit ba kasi wala sa main event si DB? Let's put him in" This year? They never learned. And it's funny they're asking for it as if they're saying "what could've happen if we didn't put DB on the main event and instead go on with the planned Randy Orton vs Boo-tista" and it is happening on this year's Wrestlemania. I mean the build-up for the majority of matches for Wrestlemania (actually all matches and yes, that includes Dean vs Brock dahil I still believe Wyatts vs Lesnar makes more sense dahil nga may "planted seed" na between them instead of the former) is just terribly executed and just "you know what wala naman silang gagawin eh let's just put them out there for no reason". What's bad is that mukhang aasa sila for this 3 things: one, the Rock's appearance (not enough) two, either Sting's or Goldberg or who ever it is (let's put Kurt Angle out there) for that "outside interference" for the Undertaker vs Shane match (it's good pero seriously palilipasin natin ang ilang oras para lang mapanood yun when every matches should have been worth watching) and three, the performance of each "WWE Superstars not wrestlers" notably, the ladder match for the IC Title. Now, for sure for the people watching it live, ma-eenjoy nila yun pero for people watching it on PPV lalo na yung aftermath reaction nating lahat, yun ang ineexpect kong magkakaron ng backlash pero hopefully, the RAW after Wrestlemania will ease everything up dahil proven na na laging maganda ang RAW after Wrestlemania
  7. Okay so tapos na ang WWE Roadblock. The results? Expected. Oras na para itago ang mga fantasy booking natin and go back to that old, traditional, predictable booking of theirs (of WWE of course)
  8. Meron pa, Kalisto vs Ryback for US Championship
  9. I agree and at the same time disagree with you darkzone711135. True, one of the things that makes a WWE superstar "sell-able" is through WWE merchandise dahil nga it's where WWE gets some of their money. Keywords are "one of the" and "some". What do I mean by that? You still can't deny that live audience tickets (TV taping man or live event), cable subscription, WWE Network subscription, and of course, ratings para magkaroon sila ng sponsors ang pinaka main budget or in the Miz's words "moneymaker" ng WWE. Merchandise sales is basically just a bonus pero yung mga nasabi ko ang pinaka main na pinagkukunan ng WWE ng pera so as much as there are kids, women or even casual fans who buy merchandise of Cena or Reigns, what if magsawa na ang die hard fans ng WWE being fed with crap then that's doom for WWE. These kids, women and casual fans they ain't even real fans. Those die hard fans such as your dad, your big brother, your uncle, your grandpa, yan ang mga taong nanghimok sa mga anak nila, asawa nila at kaibigan at kakilala nila na manood ng WWE. Heck before the PG era bawal ang mga bata manood ng WWE. These women won't watch WWE because for them it's too violent. And for casual fans, they don't even care about WWE dahil for them they thought it's fake sports. Die hard WWE fans are the ones responsible kung bakit andyan ang demography na yan ng audience (that's why WWE should thank these original fans). And if these real and die hard fans get tired of WWE then expect these "added" audience to slowly decline as well.
  10. Medyo puzzled pa rin ako sa injury ni Orton. Bigla nalang nawala siya eh. Kakawrestling lang nya tapos bigla nalang he's out because of injury. Agree N-eazy, going to a Daniel Bryan route for Roman Reigns won't work kase in the first place, hindi naman WWE ang responsible sa popularity ni Daniel Bryan. Yung mga fans. Eh si Roman Reigns alam naman nating lahat na protected at pet project siya ng WWE para mag replace kay Cena as face of the company. Ayaw nating mga fans na didiktahan tayo ng WWE kung sino ichee-cheer at iboo-boo tayo na bahala dun. Ang trabaho ng WWE kung may gusto tayong iangat na WWE superstar (whether its Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Kevin Owens or AJ Styles) sundin nila tayo. I mean tayo dahilan kung bakit may perang pumapasok sa WWE may goodness haha
  11. HAHAHA "Kevin Dunn", the man that hates wrestling; untouchable in WWE for life; overly paid douche bag (by the way, he's paid more than Vince which is plain ridiculous)
  12. I just don't see Dean not winning on WWE Roadblock. I mean considering he just dropped his IC Title means there are bigger things in store for him. Another thing, like I explained, hindi talaga pwedeng maging Dean vs Roman lang for WM if they intend to keep Roman as face however if they turn Roman heel the night after Roadblock then pwede pa. Pero seriously Vince! Just turn your precious Roman Reigns heel! He sucks big time. Wait I just realized. On other hand, Brock Lesnar. Pwede rin siyang mag-interfere sa laban nina Dean vs HHH with HHH retaining and back again to this boring HHH vs Reigns match. Pretty sure si The Rock hindi yan mag-rereferee. Magiging cheerleader lang yun ni Roman Reigns. Hay... I just can't explain why they keep shoving Roman Reigns to our faces.
  13. Lastly, I agree medyo stale na ang tag team run ng New Day. However ang problema naman dito, depleted masyado ang roster ng WWE ngayon so hopefully, bringing up some tag teams from NXT or who are we kidding, bat hindi nyo nalang ibigay ang tag titles sa Wyatt Family para naman may credibility sila as a monster heel faction.
  14. I agree with the Dean vs Reigns prediction. Nagbago rin yung prediction ko nung i-announce nila na may WWE Roadblock na WWE Network special. Pero medyo mag-iiba ako ng magiging match card. Although Dean vs Roman makes sense. Let's not forget pwedeng mag invoke ng rematch clause si Triple H kaya pwedeng maging triple threat match ang WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. For the Shane vs Taker match, it seems ang direction nga ay Shane vs Taker pero Shane will win due to interference. And as I said nung last kong post, Sting or Goldberg is still possible dahil as much as injury and ring rust respectively silang pareho ngayon pero I'm pretty sure hindi naman siguro nakakapagod or risky mag-execute ng isang scorpion death drop or spear on one execution. So probably, they're both still possible. As for Cena, honestly I'm not rooting for that matchup for this year's Wrestlemania. Sure it would be great pero keep in mind ang feud na to ay about Shane vs Vince. Ma-oovershadow yung Cena vs Taker dahil nga feud to ng mga Mcmahons so to me, Cena vs Taker nalang next year para ang spotlight sa kanilang dalawa lang.
  15. Agree. Ang labo pa nung sinabi ni Undertaker kanina. It's either he is against the decision of Vince and it's more like "okay Vince ikaw bahala basta ako bubugbugin ko lang anak mo" or he's siding him and he's like "fuck I don't care who I face". Pero yun nga maraming pa weeks para i-explain nya lahat. Well it's worth noting babalik si Shane next week sa Raw so it will be interesting. Another thing, nakita nyo ba yung promo ni Bray kanina. "Saving the world". Could it be saving Vince's "world" (his company of course) or si Jericho at si AJ Styles yung tinutukoy nila (dahil mahilig mag end of world at save us themes si Chris Jericho) WHO KNOWS?! Speaking of which, alam nyo bang available na ang WWE Network sa Pilipinas. Just saying
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