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  1. IMHO, thanks but no thanks. I'd rather buy other brands such as ASUS, HP, etc rather than a "branded" knock off. With the neverending question of reliability and the bugs going on with products from Chinese companies (made in China is different), naah! But again, it's me.
  2. So far, ASUS is the top contender. And I think that is just right. I have read a lot of other good reviews for this brand. Not to mention that even the entry level looks premium. As for Lenovo, as much as possible, I want to veer away from Chinese owned brands. But that's just me. Lol! For Acer, I would agree that it's ok. Same with HP. Dell is a bit pricey. Now I'm torn between ASUS and HP. I like the look of both models from these brands.
  3. I would also want sony. I have that brand from my phone down to my dvd player. However, I think Sony already discontinued their production of Vaios.
  4. I am planning to purchase an entry level laptop for school and home use lang. No hardcore gaming or programs. Ano ba mas ok at reliable na brand based on your experience. Halos pare-pareho lang din ng specs on papers at price when I checked sa malls. TIA.
  5. Marian all the way. Dami na kasi dumaan kay Angel. Pero kung katawan at ganda lang ang usapan, Marian pa rin. Hehe!
  6. Thanks for the input. I'm not sure if it's a good idea pero I am thinking of buying a house somewhere in Cavite or Laguna then ipa-rent which will serve na din as pang monthly amortization nung bahay. Then, since dito nga ako sa Manila nagwo-work, magre-rent muna ko ng apartment. Kung dito kasi sa Metro bibili ng bahay, grabe ang presyo.
  7. Xtacy, Xtano! Hirap mag isip ng X. Lol! Mod's Note: Song title was Asi Me Gusta Ami - Chimo Bayo. F.Y.I.
  8. Bulls on Parade - RATM Killing in the Name - RATM ulit
  9. Isa lang naiisip ko - Nice and Slow by Usher. Hehe!
  10. @Calos. Good idea. Pero sir, parang mabigat ata yung rent plus monthly amortization. Kaya ko din iniisip na bumili ng property dahil nanghihinayang ako sa rent.
  11. Erika's Ballad. So relaxing and brings back childhood memories.
  12. Pwede bang great food after great sex? Hehe! Malamang gutom ang abot pagkatapos.
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