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  1. I own both Harman Kardon Onyx Studio and Riva Turbo X. These premium bluetooth devices are capable of sounding like a huge speakers in a portable size. Overall I love the output of HK Onyx compared to the Riva. It sounds full, crisp, and can be regarded as a huge sound system to those have no idea where the sound came from.
  2. In my humble opinion, if we are in need of an answer right now, neither can claim an absolute certainty. Both science and religion are preaching theoritically correct stance that divides humanity. Looking out of the box, both are thinking the other is looser.
  3. i owned an iphone 6S and as well as a samsung android phone. i love samsung better in terms of usage but the pride of owning an apple will just be for the eyes only. Bottomline: apple is nothing but just a piece of jewelry.
  4. I'm an engineer and as well as a photographer.
  5. Malakas sa amin si Binay. kung totoo sana yong mga paratang sa kanya dapat matagal nang na prove. kaya rin siguru number 1 sya sa mga surveys. As for now wala akong mapipili sa kanila.
  6. Hi I'm pinoy6ngr at ngayon ko lang napakilala ang sarili after a couple of weeks. I was just an avid follower or active reader in APS since then, until such time my favorite areas are not accessible anymore. And because of that natuto na ako ngayon kung paano mag post at mag contribute maliban sa pagbabasa lang. I hope sooner i might be granted access to those areas and as well as the VIP someday. More power to APS!!
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