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  1. Stealth games have always been a hard sell to me. Watch_Dogs: Legion was a game I thought I’d like, but the gameplay I’ve seen is dismaying to say at least. However, an indie game from Spain that was shown on Gamescom could breathe fresh air into the genre. The Stone of Madness is a stealth game set in a mental institution and would have players control five of its residents who attempt to escape the madhouse. Further description of the game is at its Steam page. I reckon it will be released on GOG as well. See the trailer below: [hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXPOztaWtl4]
  2. These recent indie gems on PC were worth my spare time: 1. Ever Forward: released Aug. 2020, available on Steam, soon on GOG 2. The Good Time Garden: released Dec. 2019, free on Steam and itch.io
  3. My hands are full cycling through these old and new-ish PC games with their brand new dlcs/mods: 1. Watch Dogs Living_City mod update 1.9 2. Frostpunk The Last Autumn dlc 3. Steel Division 2 The Fate of Finland dlc 4. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Dark Dreams of Furiae dlc 5. Cities: Skylines Modern Japan and Sunset Harbor dlc
  4. Most narrative games are rich in dialogue and branching story arcs. In contrast, “meditative” games are mostly quiet, linear experiences. Just like narrative games, they are not fast-paced, competitive, nor play-to-win. The following is a short list of the more recent titles that fit the description. Readers, feel free to share your thoughts or add to this list. 5. The Longing As much as it is walking simulator, it can also be thought of as a “waiting simulator”. You control Shade, a lonely humanoid creature who has to wait for his master to awaken. The game has a 400-day timer, afte
  5. Short list of the most immersive video game music, in my opinion: 5. Frozen Wastes of Cania by Jeremy Soule – Neverwinter Nights (2003) 4. Pain by Health – Max Payne 3 (2012) 3. Saanen Sadness by Jack Taylor – The Stillness of the Wind (2019) 2. The Last Flame by Piotr Musial – Frostpunk (2018) 1. Apotheosis by Austin Wintory – Journey (2012)
  6. Regarding speakers, I looked for a 2.0 setup with a small footprint to place on my desk, and purchased the Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II several years back. It was impressive for its size, and on a small room I didn’t need a subwoofer. However, there is too much emphasis on bass and sound distortion was noticeable on max volume. More recently, I upgraded my speakers to the iLoud Micro Monitors. These speakers are even smaller (they are world’s smallest studio monitors). And because they are studio monitors, they produce a flat sound on a wider frequency range, and without apparent distortio
  7. To be fair, I will only include games that were made before June 30, 2016--the date this topic was posted. Newer games like Frostpunk and Steel Division could have been on anybody's list, I suppose. Below are my top 5, in no particular order: Journey is a unique game in which there is neither violence nor competition with other players, just a moving and memorable experience. The visuals and music are top-notch. The Max Payne series was known for its unmatched third-person gunplay and bullet-time animations. Max Payne 3, in particular, moved the series forward with its grittier tone
  8. Edited photos are fine if subtly done. Skin imperfections can be altered while preserving creases where they are normally found. In your example above, a trained eye would easily notice the overdone editing on the model’s left pit.
  9. The Enhanced Edition of the 15-year old game Neverwinter Nights was re-released early this year and got me replaying the campaigns. All content from the Diamond Edition are included in this edition. Community modules from the old nwnvault are fully compatible with this version. Those interested in epic character builds should see my take on the Speed Caster, which I posted in nwnecbguild.com
  10. in development for PC: Watch Dogs 3 <https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/707175/Watch-Dogs-3-News-Release-Date-rumours-London-setting-Ubisoft-teasers-and-more-updates> Steel Division 2 <https://www.steeldivision2.com> Sunset Overdrive <https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-11-01-it-looks-like-insomniacs-sunset-overdrive-is-heading-to-pc>
  11. Ebb software has shown a new trailer of the horror game, Scorn, which is slated for October (?) 2018 release. Watch it and be hype[d: hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gug_0mNhg4k Notice the improvement in the animation, when you compare it with the previous trailer released over a year ago. The protagonist’s hands now appear more humanlike, but the alien gun he is wielding still looks as grotesquely organic as ever. Support this game on Kickstarter, and early backers may get this game at $5 off its price.
  12. Video from Eurogamer’s coverage of Shadow of War featuring Tor Goroth the Balrog (spoiler warning): [hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZsrWuimYyc] I disagree with the tester complaining about the movement of Tor Goroth being rather fast for its size. I find little sense in his comment but his perspective of equating large size for sluggishness was actually depicted in some films (i.e. Kronos in Wrath of the Titans, and even Durin’s Bane in the Fellowship of the Ring). Imagine if you were a god like Kronos, would you move that slow as was shown in the film? If you suddenly feel an itc
  13. The latest sequel to the Playstation hit Fear Effect series, Fear Effect Sedna, is set to arrive next year across many platforms including PC. It’s disappointing though, that they’re employing isometric view unlike the fixed camera angles of previous games to invoke survival horror. However, I’m optimistic about the original title’s remake, Fear Effect: Reinvented, which retains most elements of the series. It is also coming in 2018.
  14. Probably because both the government and the media need to be educated also. And yes, we should worry if a drug like cannabis becomes legalized in our country. Not in a third world country where laws are not implemented efficiently.
  15. Suicidal people need not listen to these tunes: Tears of Pain (Silent Hill OST) Pain (Max Payne 3 OST)
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