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  1. I remember watching the replay of what happened to Finn, that was a nasty blow to his face, amazing he still finished the match even after suffering a concussion. The WWE universe has been cheering on Braun in his feud against Roman, if Braun gets a title shot against Brock in the near future, the crowd will surely be in Braun's corner and turn him face. AJ Styles staying on Smackdown is a good move, he still has a lot of potential feuds left with the blue brand: Orton, Owens, Zayn, Nakamura, Rusev, etc. He should stay a tweener, and face whoever he wants, he's just that damn good. Happy that Zayn and Owens moved to Smackdown, where they can hang around the upper card/main event scene, unlike on RAW which will be dominated by the Shield members, Samoa Joe, Braun, and the Miz.
  2. Boston was able to clinch the #1 seed in the East, but have a tough series ahead with #8 Chicago. Cleveland is #2, and faces Paul George and the Pacers. Too bad the Miami Heat missed the playoffs in the East, finishing #9 this year.
  3. I read that there are still legal issues with TNA over the broken gimmick of the Hardys, that's why Matt doesn't use that character as much on tv yet. Still, it is impressive to see the crowd chant DELETE, DELETE on the tv shows, it has certainly gotten quite over, just like the Yes! chants before. Very happy to see Nakamura debut on Smackdown, hopefully AJ stays on that brand, and they move guys like Sami Zayn and Cesaro over there. Kurt Angle looks to be in good shape, hopefully he still has a couple of matches in him.
  4. Happy to see Austin Aries is back from his eye injury, and wrestling on 205. Him vs Neville will be a great match, even if it's just part of the Wrestlemania pre-show. Always been a fan of Aries, another guy from ROH who has finally made it to the WWE and their worldwide audience.
  5. Sucks for Bogut, his Cleveland career only lasted less than 2 minutes. I'm sure another team will pick him up this off-season, but his days as a solid, reliable starter as a C looks less likely now.
  6. The premiere date in the poster above is not updated, as I double-checked online, this show will start airing in Fall 2017, and not in 2018. Anyway, since Marvel can't make X-Men movies or tv shows, they have a chance to make another superhero group popular with the Inhumans. Marvel was able to make Guardians of the Galaxy hugely successful in the movies, so they can continue their winning streak by making the Inhumans a big hit on tv as well.
  7. This show on Freeform is a little disappointing, but I understand not all Marvel shows can be on Netflix. I'm willing to give this a chance, as I am not too familiar with Cloak & Dagger in the comics. Since this is coming out in 2018, they have plenty of time to work on the special effects.
  8. Not too pleased with what's happening on RAW, especially after that disappointing ppv. I hope one or two of Zayn, Owens, Cesaro, or Balor ends up on Smackdown after Wrestlemania, coz with new talent like Samoa Joe and most likely Nakamura, current top guys Rollins, Reigns, Braun, and the other part-timers like Goldberg and Lesnar, RAW is getting pretty crowded already.
  9. So Orton finally turned on Wyatt, setting up their anticipated Wrestlemania match. Looks like AJ Styles will also get in the ring with Shane, which is not ideal for the biggest ppv of the year, but at least it's better than AJ vs James Ellsworth.
  10. Looks like Bogut and Deron Williams will sign with Cleveland. They're both not that old yet, so they should be able to help out the Cavs coming off the bench.
  11. Hopefully Magic Johnson will do better than Michael Jordan or Divac in running a basketball franchise. Lakers have some young, good pieces but they need to figure out how to win with their young core.
  12. Austin Aries will soon return to action, can't wait see him on RAW or 205 Live. Aries, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were wrestlers I followed during their ROH and TNA days, and glad to see them in the WWE with a huge audience watching them now.
  13. Iron Fist will debut on March 17, which is less than a month away. I liked their latest trailer, should be a good series to watch.
  14. Cousins and Davis frountcourt will be fun to watch, but I don't think they can beat the top teams in the West. I also feel that Cousins will not stay too long in New Orleans, as he will want to test free agency when his contract expires soon.
  15. Goldberg was interesting to me for the nostalgia factor when he returned before Survivor Series, but no way do I want him to main event or have the last match at Wrestlemania. Hopefully AJ Styles or the Orton-Wyatt match goes last, I can even accept Reigns-Undertaker as long as 'Taker wins to close the show.
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