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  1. Bad look for our boys, lalo na si Romeo. Nag-ala-Carmelo eh. Buti na lang di s'ya tinamaan ng flying knee ni Maker.
  2. I've been using HyperX Cloud 2 sa PC, Sony Wireless Headset sa PS4. No complaints so far.
  3. Chromecast. Happy with it so far. Ginawang medyo smart ang TV ko.
  4. New Gameplay! Isang buwan na lang halos ang paghihintay! https://youtu.be/lr_4WH_aWy8
  5. Woo! E3 na naman! Announcements, announcements! Sana i-announce na yung RDR 2 o kaya Agent.
  6. Just these three: - Uncharted 4 (May 10, 2016) - Final Fantasy XV (Sept 30, 2016.. Finally!) - The Last Guardian
  7. Just finished season 2 and oh boy, was it awesome! Punisher was really fleshed out well. The prison scene was the best part for me!
  8. Sa tingin n'yo guys, will the '16 draft class be deep? Either way, I'm pretty sure locked-in na yung tatlo, Simmons, Ingram and Hield. From what I've read, people are comparing Simmons to LeBron, Ingram to KD and Hield to Harden.
  9. I like Simmons better. I feel that he has a more well-rounded game and can probably defend multiple positions with his height and quickness. Ingram is and will be the better offensive player for me though. Sayang lang nag-opt out sila sa tournament. We could've seen more of him and what he can bring. Although sa tingin ko, hindi naman malayo yung agwat nila ni Ingram. 1A and 1B silang dalawa at close 2 si Hield.
  10. Pwede ba umibig sa mataas ang sweldo? Hehe. Siguro depende sa sitwasyon, kung bata-bata pa, syempre sweldo, habang malakas pa. Pag medyo tumagal na, pag-ibig na. Gotta take care of yourself!
  11. Hi APS, Mine has: a. The Last of Us Remastered (So good!) b. Infamous: Second Son c. Shadow of Mordor (currently playing) d. Knack e. Assassin's Creed 4 I'm currently looking into Far Cry Primal and UFC 2. (Primal looks intereesting)
  12. Pillars of Eternity at Sword Coast Legends! But mostly Pillars of Eternity! It's so good for old-school tun-based RPGs and critically acclaimed! I would recommend Pillars of Eternity if you are into old-school Baldur's Gate Gameplay. It is Obsidian Developed. At tsaka nga pala Undertale. Also a good game!
  13. League of Legends! It's a time sink unless you shell out cash out for points. It's close but different to Dota 2. I've been playing it for a while. Ok naman sya. It's a different experience coming from Dota. Pero it's close enough na you won't get lost. Medyo toxic nga lang yun community n'ya but objectively, it's a great game!
  14. I don't think she's overrated. Her ground game and submissions are superb. Yun lang, yung stand-up n'ya ay hindi kasing level ng ground game n'ya.
  15. Hands down, it's KAT. Siya at si Wiggins ang franchise player ng Minnesota. Plus, they have a pretty good core with LaVine, Bazz, Rubio.They remind me alot of the early days nila Westbrook, Durant and Harden.
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