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  1. PLDT Fibr. After trying SKY and Globe ISP's, PLDT Fibr padin ang pinaka OK para sakin.
  2. Resident Evil series Final Fantasy Tactics World of Warcraft Metal Gear series Counter Strike Ragnarok Online
  3. Used 2 Razer Naga's and a Corsair Scimitar, Nasira agad pa konti konti after a year and a half. Anyone know if Logitech's counterpart is any better? Thanks!
  4. Anyone here playing World of Warcraft: BfA?
  5. Already HR 200. Any of you guys play MHW?
  6. Clash Royale for a quick fix when bored lol
  7. All Blizzard games. Monster Hunter World recently. I guess most all of the triple A titles out there.
  8. Final Fantasy Tactics and Resident Evil 2 for months at a time. Those were the times..
  9. seriously its being cancelled? what a let down. pero tama nga, season 1 was great!
  10. Can't wait to watch Warcraft! Been waiting for that movie since 2010! *nerd chills* After watching deadpool mejo tumaas na ang bar ko for marvel movies, I hope Captain America civil war won't disappoint.
  11. its the same as the regular cinemas. 2d lang din kasi. difference is you have one big ass screen vs the normal one. so maybe just watch it on a regular cinema then mag order ka nalang ng food para win-win.
  12. Are they showing Deadpool in 3D? I've watched it in IMAX but it was only in 2D. Laughtrip when he broke all his limbs punching and kicking Colossus when he got pissed haha! Oh and Francis! LOL Although the sequel has been greenlit.. one can only wish that it'll be released fasteeeer!
  13. Very excited to see on how Black Panther and Spidey's story would unfold. Also, do you guys think that Tony is using his Bleeding Edge armor in this movie?? Bleeding Edge armor in the comics is so effing overpowered!
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