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  1. HItori Ja Nai - Little Glee Monsters ->> Boku no Hero Academia S2 ED Little Glee Monsters songs are always upbeat and kawaii. <3
  2. Spending all of my free time playing Story of Seasons and Fire Emblem Series. Medyo break muna sa console gaming dahil sa hectic schedule handheld lang nalalaro. =))
  3. I just bought a WACOM Intuos Comic drawing tablet for my little sister who loves drawing animes, and she's actually pretty good with it. Can someone recommend a good software/program for drawing mangas/animes?
  4. Not really. You can play the campaign in solo. But if you are struggling getting quests done, you should consider inviting other players to help you. The multiplayer mode is also fun if you have many players to play with.
  5. Drummer here! Current gear: Gretsch Catalina Maple 5-piece Shell ZBT Cymbals Pearl Powershifter Eliminator P-200C
  6. Hi guys, I'm curious on how much budget would I need if i were to build a home recording studio for personal use only, para lang makapag record ako ng sarili kong instruments. I already have the instruments and speaker(Drums, Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Microphone, Speakers, etc ). What do I need? What kind of interface, mics, blah blah. I don't know anything about recording.
  7. I currently own a Vic Firth isolation headphones, I use it when I'm playing the drums para maka play along ako doon sa music na gusto ko, and I also have an old school Razer Electra. =)) What do you suggest na magandang headphones for gaming at the same time listening to music? Yung comfortable siya isuot, kasi yung Razer Electra kapag masyadong matagal isuot parang masakit na sa ears or yung muscles around that area.
  8. Thank you sir. Umaasa lang baka may makita ko na players din dito. =)) The trophy would take around 5 minutes to complete lang kasi tapos ko na ung 5 quests, i just need to turn them in with 3 people. Need this trophy for platinum.
  9. I need 3 people to help me get this trophy. What we need to do is just finish any 5 types of quest. Please add me in PSN. Navalus17 Edit: I'm usually online 7pm-12pm PHT
  10. How do you guys get actually good at dota? I've been playing for 2 years now, and i've never even reached 3k mmr... :((( maybe i just suck at playing MOBA..
  11. I guess imimilk out ng square enix yung franchise ng Kingdom Hearts. Magrerelease sila Kingdom Hearts 2.8. =))) Ano ba yan, mamaya baka magkaron pa ng 2.9 and so on. =))
  12. NBA 2K series, Disgaea Series. Daming grinding na kailangan gawin e. Kaya enjoy.
  13. Destiny The Taken King is my favorite. Online game. Yung raids niya is super fun kasi kailangan talaga alam mo kung paano isolve yung mga puzzle and kailangan talaga kausap mo verbally yung mga teammates mo kasi hindi kayo matatapos kapag hindi. Ang isang raid ata can last from 2 - 4 hours. Masaya siya basta hindi ka takot makipag kaibigan sa mga foreigner.
  14. I've played some of the Tales series na pala, naalala ko lang when you guys posted it. Chrono Cross din magandang jrpg. Thank you sa mga suggestions! WIll definitely play them one at a time.
  15. I've played the Disgaea Series, Star Ocean Series and the Final Fantasy Series, and I like how the each story progresses. Can anyone suggest a good JRPG game for any types of consoles/pc ?? Thank you in advance!
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