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  1. i dont like it also but in time you get used to it and some phones have a feature to hide it
  2. for me its one of the best comedy series if I have the time ill watch this from season one
  3. commercial bank manager po
  4. since 2017 di nadin ako nabili i just wait for torrents at dina download ko nalang to and yun nga iba na content malayo sa dati wala nadin ladies confession
  5. just got the p20 pro and i must say the camera is really good coming from a former galaxy note 5 user
  6. jigen

    Goku VS Saitama

    id say goku din because he has energy wave or long range attacks that can destroy planets while in saitama's case more on physical strength sya
  7. the answer came from china media sir, our natural resources meaning whats under the contested territory
  8. kababasa ko lang but not sure if its final na, Freddie Aguilar for senator? Yes, PDP-Laban eyes him for 2019
  9. sir jen saan pong shop yung sale thanks
  10. I've been using xiaomi hybrid pro as my daily headphones and it has good base and sound quality
  11. the big concern with their build build build program is where will they get the budget for that, hopefully hindi sa china bec. their interest is too high and we might end up paying more in the long run
  12. Sir patrick mukhang matataas ang posisyon ng mga kasabwat dito and they are pinning down the manager as damage control
  13. They have a black list its called cmap if youre name is listed youll have a hard time getting a card and applying for a loan
  14. Kickass torrents at www.kat.cr i download all my movies and magazines here
  15. for sure RCBC will face severe fines after this but to close the bank will be trouble for our banking industry and from what I've read it seems the branch manager is more believable than all those attending the hearing and from what I know a branch manager can't do this all on her own
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