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  1. @Patrick : PS4 ako idol. Thanks for the compliment.
  2. Hi, what if your using code? Just copy paste the Bbcode then post? havent tried it yet. Im using phone. thanks!
  3. Me! Kita kits sa mga pupunta.
  4. Do you guys need donation? If yes hit me up with a message.
  5. any of you guys playing this game on ps4?
  6. You need to try Yushoken in Molito, the best of the best.
  7. Kim Domingo Ellen Adarna Jinri Park Mayumi Yokoyama Paulene So
  8. Welcome sir johnny D, still makin up with 10 posts so i can contri on your pinay thread.
  9. long time guys! Nakalock na pala threads. Pano ako makakapag contri? Do i just post it here? Thanks.
  10. Same issue with me. Cant view Pinay section. Mag contribute sana ako. Thanks for future replies.
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