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  1. There you have it, Rowdy is inducted in UFC HOF. I was never a fan, even when the entire MMA community is crowning her as GOAT, I never bought it. 2 knockout losses after, she's out. I got to give it to her though. She made women's MMA mainstream. Although it's Cyborg and Carano who put it in the map. But as a hall of famer, she deserves it, and rightfully so. Congrats Rowdy!
  2. Mabuti naman hindi nagmamadali sila Magic at maatat kay Kawhi. Kung masasama si Ingram o/at Kuzma sa trade di bale na. Makipagsapalaran na lang next year sa free agency.
  3. Let's just hope FIBA's sanctions wont be that heavy. If it's a disqualification for every player thrown out, then Gilas is as good as done.
  4. This thread is for everyone to share their DIY project or cheapo finds that other photographers, especially beginner, could appreciate to learn. Gears and lenses can be really expensive. Especially those specialized ones that serves only one function. Like a macro lens for example. You can't use it for landscape or portrait photography so it's hard for beginner to invest in them. For that I have a suggestion or alternative. So I bought that wide angle/macro lens combo you can easily find in lazada for about 800 pesos. The macro lens is basically a magnifying glass. You wont get the sharpest photos but you can get a decent macro photos and start learning on a budget. You'll also retain autofocus, but you'll probably doing manual focus anyway. But hey it's there if you need it. If you guys can share your own finds or your DIY gears for a particular type of photography, please do so. And thank you in advance.
  5. "VideokePaaaa!!!" Yan ung SSID nung samin pag nagsimula ng magvideoke mga kapitbahay!
  6. Hello ka-APS. I wonder if there are member dietitians out there. I read countless articles regarding eggs ever since I just started working out. Some say it's not healthy, some say it's actually a good cholesterol kind of thing. So what is the real deal about eggs in a dietitian's POV? And what is the recommended/safe number of eggs to consume a day for an active but non body building person? TIA
  7. This is a list of nostalgic family computer games you can play online. If you are stressed or simply want a trip down memory lane, here's a list for you: Contra Battle City 1942 Bomber Man Ice Climber
  8. Seems like this is the era of the bad boy in MMA or at least in the UFC. McGregor is in the forefront of course, but Till and Covington are rallying to get there.
  9. Let's not forget, JaVale Mcgee also agreed to sign with the Lakers. But I'm more interested on how Shaq will react now than JaVaaaaaaaaaaaaalllleeeee McGee is now part of the Lakers family.
  10. For crime show specially documentaries, you can never go wrong with history channel. They have a lot of historical show as well as conspiracy shows even (or specially) alien/ufo shows. As for suggestions: Amelia Earhart The Lost Evidence - They try to uncover the mystery of AE's disappearance. This includes factual evidences as well as conspiracies regarding her disappearance. Genius: Picasso - From Nat Geo, Documentary about the hidden life of Picasso. A good watch even if you don't like him or his paintings.
  11. 50 shades franchise Twilight franchise Basically ung mga may hype na galing sa libro kaya biglang ginawan ng pelikula.
  12. Sa tingin ko it's no about kaya pa ba niya o hindi na. Maganda sana magconcentrate na lang siya sa pagiging senador kung dun talaga gusto niya. BTT, kaya pa niya siguro. Kaya nga nila napili si Matthysse. Pero tingin ko mahihirapan na rin sya.
  13. It was a disappointing showing by Gilas, worse is the brawl that happen. Although team Australia might have started it with all that removing that sticker thing, I think they did a great job in the game. Gilas has no answer and Pogoy's "defense" has been cheap shot and nothing more. In the end, Gilas advances though, so maybe that's something to look forward to.
  14. Ano nangyari sa GOT? Ung mga eksena nila sobrang hahaba lalo na ung kay Sam! haha
  15. Anyone have that comfort-food type of TV shows or movie you want to watch whenever you're down just like that comfort food you want to eat when you're sad, sick or really stressed out? For me it's FRIENDS. Whenever I'm stressed out at work, when I get home, I watch a couple of episode to de-stress myself. I've seen the show for the n'th time...and I mean the entire season, but it still makes me laugh. How about you guys? What is that comfort-food like show for you?
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