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  1. welcome sayo erza_scarlet..enjoy your stay..
  2. wow..si boss j.hef pala toh..hehe! welcome back sir..
  3. Enjoy your stay sir. Read and Follow the rules!
  4. keiko

    hola APS

    hui!anong confe yan?sali naman ako..hahaha dapat yata ikaw ang tinatanong kung anong balita eh..eh kahit PESBUK wala ka eh..haha
  5. keiko

    hola APS

    hello sir..welcome back..haha!
  6. hindi ka naman madedeny dito basta follow the rules lang sir..
  7. A lot of people like the girl in front.haha! Cute daw kasi.
  8. Bank Employee - Tagabilang ng barya..
  9. I'm not a mapuan but from one of your neighbor school. Enjoy your stay sir. Read and Follow the global rules. Thanks.
  10. ayos sir mcdreamy..hehe//this is definitely going to be a hot series.. I like Maggie Q since the movie Naked Weapon..woohoo!
  11. woohoo!! Excited na ako. Let's make APS more stronger and better.hehe!
  12. PM na lang if we can help you with something..haha!
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