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  1. Grew up to watching kobe and this is so unexpected i know everyone will eventually meet their maker but this is too early.
  2. Go to dampa sea side in macapagal theres a back alley their that sells original perfumes ng half the price sa mall pwedeng without box mas mura. Guarantisadong original got my polo sport their and it smells perfect.
  3. To Sir Vinno to end everything tutal malapit ng pasko bati na tayo ha.
  4. This is my last response to this. As ive mentioned in my comments earlier both Sir Red and Sir Drake properly address their response on my posted comments with this AJ lurmag big of a deal thing with respect so i did not feel the need to reply cause i understood what their saying.(this was on dec 6) So i thought everybody had moved on... Then this. Sir gjatik316 with all due respect to ur comment and ur thoughts. Reminding ur members in a non threathening way is nicer and would build friendship sa group dba? Nasa rules dba na be respectful to ot
  5. Yes member? It's not a threat... (u can choose ur words better so it wont sound threathening to others. Expand ur vocaublary by reading more.) it's my role here in APS.(ur role is to bully members who contribute?i feel very welcome with ur bullying. Also sorry for my 67 post and 222 reputation votes. ) And your role is to comply with what the staff requires you to.(which im doing by ending the issue which u try to reopen again) Please read the APS Forum Rules very carefully and try to understand. (Ive read and understood everything FYI didnt get my doctorate in english for nothi
  6. Dec 20 na move on... bought my copy.. no need to threaten me... The admins were respectful in giving their comments / explanations. Kahit ulit ulitin kong basahin nd ako naoffend at naintindihan ko. Kaya nga wala ng reply from me dba? I got my own copy. "We give respect to people who treat us well" Sir Red and Sir Drake thank you for answering and sorry for me making a minor rukus here on AJ's thread. Moderator.......
  7. Sir / Mam I just said my piece. Like what other members are free to do is share their insites on what they think and feel. If you guys think my expression is way out of line. Kindly delete my comments po. As ive said i just missed the good ol days. (Un lang naman) This is my second account FYI po forgot na kasi my old account so you may ponder how long ive been in this group. Naabutan ko nung nagsimula itong group, Nabuwag itong group. At ngayon itong group. And to answer po ur question in all honesty kung bakit andto pa dn kami. We want to support this thin
  8. Always known this as a sharing group nakakamiss lang ung times na nd mo na kelangang magbeg / magpm and etc to ask. Well i think time changes things. PS : got my copy na dn after all.
  9. Dun sa may magagandang loob baka maambunan nyo naman kaming medyo nagtitipid sa budget dahil magpapasko na at mapapalaban nanaman ang aming mga wallet sa pamilya at regalo. Im always a fan of this quote "Sharing is Caring" Christmas is near be kind to one another.
  10. Sa dami na ng steam na nabili ko kung itototal ko sya nasa 30k nd pa kasama mga pc games na nabili ko.
  11. Dual wireless charger ng samsung. Works fine.
  12. Maybe because they got more depositors already so they wanted to cash in with those ridiculous charges.
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