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  1. I've been a Kings fan for almost 2 decades. And for the past 10 years, I've always supported them, even when they traded away Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin, Tyreke and Isaiah. But this is the last straw. Fuck Sacramento, time to be a bandwagoner. Pelicans na ako ngayon.
  2. Na`Vi is back! Ganda ng laro ni Dendi kanina, back to TI championship form..
  3. Is Benjen supposed to be Coldhands? And damn Tommen for not making Margaery do the walk..
  4. He intentionally revealed that he was the fake psychiatrist and that he also framed Bucky when he called room service at his hotel..
  5. Another series to watch out for is Preacher.. First episode looks amazing.. but we have to wait 2 weeks until the next one..
  6. I hope they do the same for the last 2 seasons of Arrow..
  7. Kristian Nairn, the guy who plays Hodor, will be in the Manila next month.. He'll be in ToyCon at SMX.. He'll also do some DJ-ing..
  8. Never generalize.. There are still some sects that are really noble and do their work without expecting anything in return.. Sadly, those groups are less than 1% of Christianity..
  9. If you know some people close to you who have been mugged, raped or murdered, then you'll understand why a lot of people welcome death penalty..
  10. I just saw X-Men Apocalypse. It was good, not Civil War good, but good nonetheless.. And it wasn't just a JLaw movie, she was kinda useless in the fight actually.. But it was as it should be.. A team movie.. A real X-Men movie..
  11. Upon researching, I have found that she had done nude scenes before.. This is very good news..
  12. The Greyjoys, led by Yara/Asha, and the Ironborn will provide reinforcements in the battle of Winterfell.
  13. I expect the Rival to be next season's big bad.. They can make his origin from the last episode, when Barry entered/left the Speed Force realm, it allowed The Rival to escape.. But then again, it would be uninteresting kung puro na lang speedsters ang kalaban ni Flash..
  14. Mads Mikkelsen deserves to play someone epic, so if it's not Dormammu, then maybe he's Mephisto..
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