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  1. Feeling nostalgic How Soon is Now - Love Spit Love
  2. I agree. Parang beauty mag na mga layout nila recently. Then again, even before, mas ok pa actually sa akin yung maxim philippines. Mas nauna nga lang nag-fold.
  3. Have to go old school on this one. Finishing Ninja Gaiden on the Famicom. First time I played a game with a consistent good story and gameplay. First time ako naka encounter na game na parang movie.
  4. I was tempted to say a few RPGs, but, in retrospect, I actually spent more hours on, believe it or not, an android game... Marvel Future Fight. Pag sa PC and console kasi kung minsan e nakakatamad pang mag set up. Sa android, on the go parati.
  5. DC unchained. Nakaka-ubos ng oras, but a good alternative to Marvel Future Fight.
  6. On topic - MGS, Xenogears, Vandal Hearts, Wipeout, RE and most franchises still alive today. Slightly off topic and a bit of a trivia, from what I know, the hardware of the PS1 was originally intended for use by Nintendo as the unreleased NES-CD. Di natuloy yung platform but since the architecture was there, Sony decided to go out on its own.
  7. Generally, lyrics wise, Sting and the Grateful Dead are great. Sting, as far as I know, is a teacher kaya magaling yung lyrics. The Grateful Dead naman, monosyllabic lahat ng lyrics. FYI, in Sting's song "Something the boy said", what the boy said is actually "you're all going to die at sea". Rascal Flatts (dunno if I spelled it right) also had great lyrics in his song "God bless the broken road."
  8. "What 'bout my star" - Macross Frontier. The last episode of the series where this song is playing and everyone gathers together is still a sight to behold. Pag classic - "Do you remember love" and "Mt boyfriend is a pilot" from SDF Macross. Naaalala ko tuloy yung famicom/NES game.
  9. ^^ Agree to this. I thought na pag-mag de-list ka sa FB e that will solve the problem. Moreover, although wrong din, FB users at least knew that their data would pass through the FB system and that there might be a privacy issue. Non-users, however, did not sign up nor consent to anything under the FB platform. Problem kasi is wala namang international legislation and monitoring body. Mahirap mapanagot tuloy yan except in the court of public opinion.
  10. Mahirap din kasi pag hard copies. Aside from space considerations, paper degradation (creases, disoloration) din is a major concern. At least eco-friendly din.
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