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  1. Not a fan of either, but the better rapper between the 2, imo, is Jay-Z, I guess because he's more "gangster" than Kanye, whatever that means lol
  2. Re-release/remastered games are okay with me because they get to be played by the "new gen" gamers who've been used to seeing 1080p graphics compared to us older folks who think that pixelated games in the glorious 120p graphics is the most cutting edge thing to come out since sliced bread. Although it's nice to re-play them again, assuming that the original content stays the same and just added new stuff with great graphics, it would be even better if their sequel(s) gets released as well, like Chaos Legion, for example. There's so many games from previous gen consoles that deserve to be released again; I just hope that PS4 doesn't become a console filled with re-released games because they're starting to pile up already (e.g. DMC, The Last of Us, RE, etc).
  3. The name alone would deter me from getting it lol; unless Nissan gives it to me for free, I'm passing on it.
  4. Eto sir, kakasabi ko lang kanina lumabas na yung HD version ng Kingsman 2 http://rarbg.to/torrent/3yhju6n Mostly sa torrent site lang ako nagintay ng mga movies para ma-download; pag streaming naman, Solarmovies ang pinupuntahan ko hehe.
  5. Sa December na yung release ng Blu-ray eh so sana in the next two weeks lumabas na kahit yung HD copy man lang
  6. Wala pa sir Jon, baka medyo matagalan pa ng konti; yung Dunkirk wala pa din eh, tagal ma-release ng HD
  7. I hear you bro, and I share the same sentiment as well. What's even worse is that the same people are getting paid more than I do and I'm working my @ss off for a much lesser pay Nasaan nga naman ang hustisya
  8. iPhone 6S Rose Gold 32gb bought it to replace my iPhone 6 Silver 16gb that got placed in the washing machine lol
  9. Never leave it at the hands of the judges.
  10. Yup, yung AM1, AM90, and AM95 ang pinakagusto ko sa AM line Haha, totoo yan sir, 2nd guessing and acting on your "less better" guess will bring you regrets...mahirap din kasi malaman kung aling model ang magso-sold out agad o hinde. I think it's more on kung alin talaga yung feel mo na model eh, kasi mahirap nang magsisi kapag hindi mo nakuha tapos mawawala sa market only to be sold at a ridiculously high price later
  11. Duterte mentioned before that, and I'm paraphrasing so feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong or misconstrued, the case against GMA does not have a fairly sound foundation as far as the evidence against her is concerned, and that he's confident about the case's weakness, which would ultimately result in her acquittal. While Duterte is entitled to his own personal, albeit professional given his background, opinion about her case and how we should "move forward", I cannot help but cringe on the idea that, in spite of insurmountable evidence, GMA gets away with everything she has done scot-free, unscathed if you will (as her neck brace has been removed, but that's a subject for another debate). Does this mean that we forget the past, the things she has done to citizens of our beloved country, and move on much like what bitter lovers do? I don't think it's that easy, and, hell, it shouldn't be THAT easy, especially how charade-like our political and justice systems are. Duterte, of course, will say the "right things" not because he wants to be politically correct (he's unapologetic, if anything) but because he DOESN'T CARE about GMA, or her case, or how she plundered everything in sight; he could care less what she'd done before because it didn't affect him directly or in any way remotely significant to alter his course(s) of action. Yes, the "past is past" cliche is always the go-to statement of everyone wanting to move forward. But we cannot allow ourselves to move forward not because this atrocity is pulling us back; it's exactly because of this atrocity that we cannot move forward because JUSTICE, and the "right" kind if I might add, has not been met, and perhaps never will be. I'm not saying that people should be bitter about this for the rest of their lives; I'm just saying that Duterte's statement is quite patronizing and hypocritical in many ways. There's no finger-pointing in this issue, because this case has been going on for years already. Unfortunately, it (justice) didn't go, yet again, in favor of the people. True that they've been ignorant masses in a lot of instances, but in this one, just like how Estrada's was before, I feel that GMA is culpable of the crimes she'd been charged with. And it's just sad how daylight robbery is occurring right before our very eyes.
  12. I don't have any J's (yes, it sounds blasphemous, hyped up as they've always been) and I've always liked the Air Max line of Nike. So when this came out, I just had to pull the trigger. I hope some of you share the same fervor as I do when a classic such as the AM 95's are included in conversation. Here you go, my AM 95 "Greedy". Enjoy! (water bottle game on point; had to bring out Gansito for this one; and don't hate on my shoe size as I have small feet lol) (of course I had to show the 3M on this)
  13. N

    Pokemon GO

    Tried this game/app last night and saw Bulbasaur and Pigeotto in my backyard lol. Medyo boring nga lang yung game para sa akin, maybe because I'm not that into Pokemon. Pero yung mismong app eh an accident waiting to happen lalo na kung nasa daan ka at concentrated kang nakatingin sa cellphone/mobile device mo.
  14. Walang requirements sir, kasi walang ganyan dito. MOD'S NOTE: Locking this topic already.
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