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  1. Recently just been able to log-in to Lur however my AJ Ocampo sets are gone. Oh well
  2. Tried using my debit card (BDO with EMV Chip) and voila! Worked with Lurmag.
  3. Well as of now, Lurmag is offline for purchases. Let's hope that the debit card issue will be fixed once they reopen. Crossing my fingers hehehe
  4. Hello there fellow APS members Creating a discussion thread for Cellphone Signal Boosters. I'm planning to purchase and install one in my house since my ground floor does not get cellphone reception. Upon searching the web I came accross SkyWave Cell Boosters sold by UPLift Accessories. Any users here? I'm particularly interested in the SkyWave Home Triband Setup.
  5. A Pro Death Penalty here also.
  6. Definitely a Boob guy. But i'd prefer a appropriate size. Not too huge if you ask me
  7. Hmmmm. Interesting but still a little bit late as the cambridge analytica problem already happened.
  8. Mine are mostly mainstream audio devices. I use the following: Coloud Pop Sony XB450AP Extra Bass Over Ear Headphones SteelSeries Arctis 3 JBL Clip 2 Logitech Z337 w/ Bluetooth
  9. We have the PLDT MyDSL Plan 1699 with up to 5 Mbps speed here in North Caloocan. It fits our needs. Disconnections are very rare and far in between. Connection is very stable. There are a few moments where there is moderate decrease in internet speed mostly due to congestion in my area. All in all it still good enough for our needs.
  10. Had a chance to watch this on IMAX. Kinda regretted the decision. It was a fun movie. Only not deserving of the imax price.
  11. I like the shining pic. Scary af The Mr. Clean advert though was genius! haha
  12. Number 6 is the foundation of a very good sleeping habit. Keep it regular until your body recognizes the right time to sleep. For those who cannot avoid using computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets before sleeping, use blue light filters so you can adjust the light output of your device so you can sleep better. For PCs and Laptops use f.lux. IOS has a built in filter. Only a few select android devices has a blue light filter.
  13. My list includes Doom (who can forget this monster of a classic) Return to Castle Wolfenstein Duke Nukem Half-life Counter Strike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sniper: Ghost Warrior Wolfenstein: A New Order
  14. It will be vey beneficial to the younger gamers to have the opportunity of playing the classic games that shaped, innvated and influenced the gaming industry. It is also another great opportunity for us older gamers (including me) to experience the nostalgia of the game we used to play during our childhood in the current gamit platforms. However, it will be a great challenge for developers to find a balance between remaking/remastering a game and not tweaking or deviating from the original source material.
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