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  1. That free kick tho. Haha you could see the amount of concentration in his eyes before he took it.
  2. Iron Fist story was crap too. I was also hoping the actor who would play Danny Rand was somewhat more "manlier" than the guy playing him. lol Iron fist is a beast in the comics but in the series he looked like a hipster with a glowing hand not to mention the immaturity of the character although I understand since it's basically another origin story.
  3. Anyone planning on playing next season?
  4. Skyrim Fallout World of Warcraft Diablo CoD (Zombies)
  5. Hit rank 36 on Global Leaderboards in Diablo 3 PS4 solo Crusader.
  6. “yell PENIS for password” so far, no ones that desperate to connect yet. Lol
  7. The Room (its so bad, it became a cult classic) Meet the Spartans Speed Racer
  8. Shawshank Redemption Lord of the Rings (Two Towers) Good Will Hunting The Shining Into the Wild
  9. Not a movie but check out Dark on Netflix. Don’t use English audio just use the subtitles and you’ll appreciate it more.
  10. Good point! Although, I've been shooting for 5 years now and with a back problem, carrying so much weight puts a huge strain on my back. lol
  11. Canon EOS 6D | Tokina 100mm f/2.8 | Delicacy 200 strobe with 50x70cm Softbox
  12. Diablo 3 on PS4. Anyone want to do some GRs?
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