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  1. Kim domingo 2. Ellen adarna 3. Cristine reyes 4. Ann mateo 5. Andrea torres
  2. Final Fantasy XV Resident EVIL 7 saka God of War latest sa PS4
  3. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge all the way. Exterior and interior. Specs wise Anyone knows ang price range ngayon ng s7 edge sa market? i mean ung mura sana
  4. Hopefully, GSW will win back to back. Green really is a big contributor to the team di lang sa opensa pati sa depensa
  5. My Prediction for now. West- SAS vs GSW East Cavs vs Heat I think it would be great if the Heat will beat CAVS. I am sure madami matutuwa
  6. Samsung S7 EDGE FTW and also Garmin NUVI GPS. Lifetime maps download. Very helpful siya in terms of navigating sa Manila
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