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  1. Thanks for bearing with us mga pre medyo ilan days din tayo down. Nagmove kasi tayo ng server. We’re alive and kicking again!!! Start sharing na ulit hehe.
  2. I heard from a friend who work's at ABS-CBN na masasara nga sila pero they are expecting a new management or network name maybe. Not sure how true ito.
  3. Got it!!! Thanks Pre!!! Keep on supporting APS. Sa ibang interested tumulong sa APS funds you can follow @Stewie suggestion.
  4. We are giving recognition pants to APS members who are loyal in this community. We are not promising any other access or whatsoever but just want to have you wear the pants to recognize your loyalty sa APS. You will automatically get promoted if you have these requirements above. Send us a PM para ma update namin list. Thanks! .
  5. Salamat uli sa tuloy tuloy na suporta @fujicko !!!
  6. Fastest member na nagpalit ng pantalon lol @BaguhangAlamat November 25 APS Supporter December 4 APS Elite December 9 APS Contributor
  7. Since inumpisahan mo ito iba naman ang raket ko dati sa online business isingit ko lang din ng sandali kasi OT sa iyo youtube ang topic mo. Dati kumikita din ako sa online world ang sa akin naman is uploading sa hotfile.com/rapidshare/rapidgator/megaupload not sure kung naalala niyo pa ito. You get paid for every downloads. Dati kasi hindi pa masyado kalat ang mga online releases ng pinoy sexy movies so ang strategy ko naman binabantayan ko sa videocity (taena videocity wala na nun hahaha bata pa po ako hahaha) ang release ng mga sexy movies lalo na pag sikat yung artista or wholesom
  8. Nagreply na ako sa PM mo pre. Thanks for your interest but as of now paypal pa lang tayo. We'll keep you posted if ever may ibang option na tayo. Salamat!
  9. Thanks for your continuous support!!! @fujicko @flick
  10. APS funds thread is back!!! Feel free to post here or send us a PM. Wear that APS supporter pants APS Supporter On behalf of the APS staff!!! We would like to say thanks in advance!!!!
  11. Shoutout kay APS supporter @fujicko for donating again sa ating APS fees. Maraming salamat on behalf of the APS team.
  12. I think Daenerys will back stab Jon Snow for the Iron Throne. But I maybe wrong, we'll see. Episode 3 will cost a lot of main characters lives I think hehehe
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