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  1. i say stay as the good guy but be spontaneous. maybe those girls that fall for the bad guys are also bad girls? they're bad for us good guys
  2. i think they will be able to renew it eventually. they're just putting drama into it
  3. the trailer looks good even if i'm not familiar with the morbius character. all i can say is that the batman and joker has invaded marvel hahaha
  4. depende sa coverage na kukunin mo ang babayaran. - pwede kasi na purely life insurance lang. ibig sabihin pag namatay ka, tsaka lang meron benepisyo na makukuha pamilya mo. - meron naman yung may investment na kasama. mas magiging mahal, pero yung binabayad mo, may parte dun na nilalagay for investment para balang araw may magagamit ka din na pera. - meron naman iba na may kasamang health coverage. kung ma-diagnose ka ng cancer, meron ka makukuhang pera para pang gamot mo pero insured ka pa din. pwede ko i-refer syo yung advisor ko. mas ma-e-explain nya syo ng maigi.
  5. kumuha ako recently sa philam life na may coverage for critical illness. para kung ma-diagnosed ako for cancer, etc. may dagdag protection at pera akong makukuha. pati ako makikinabang hindi lang yung beneficiary ko. at hindi din magagalaw ang inipon kong pera para magpagamot. tingin ko, unang una kaya hindi kumukuha ang iba dahil walang budget. buti na lang, naipaliwanag ng mabuti ng financial advisor ko ang mga dapat gawin tsaka pinasok nya sa budget ko yung policy na kinuha ko. kung gusto mo, pwede ko i-refer yung financial advisor ko syo
  6. an appropriately sized boobs!! B cup is big enough for me
  7. tingin ko wag mo muna bilangin ang kilometers sa paglalakad mo. bilangin mo minutes. mga 30minutes siguro na may kasamang brisk walking and jogging. you need to get your heart pumping. then for diet, wag ka na kumain ng mga matatamis at mga tsittsirya
  8. The Thunder have agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to the Rockets for Chris Paul, first-round picks in 2024 and 2026, and pick swaps in 2021 and 2025.
  9. it's really tough to pick who wins especially since the teams are not yet finished in assembling their lineup. But i will go with (in order of chances of winning: 1. LA Clippers 2. LA Lakers 3. Milwaukee Bucks 4. Philadelphia 76ers 5. Houston Rockets *the rockets would shoot up to #2 if they could trade for iggy.
  10. kawhi signs with LAC. OKC trades paul george to LAC for gallinari, gilgeous-alexander, and 5 1st round picks. pairing kawhi and george in LA. cousins and danny green signs with lakers. lakers resigning mcgee, caldwell-pope, and rondo
  11. shallot

    Pokemon GO

    i played this one until the gen 2 updates. was able to collect all pokemons except for the region locked and legendaries
  12. wow! my forecast came true!! raptos in 6!!! congrats toronto!!
  13. Toronto in 6 for the championship!!
  14. they could have done better with the ending. but overall, i think i'm satisfied with the final season.
  15. Following the US crackdown on Chinese technology companies, Google has cut off Huawei’s Android license, dealing a huge blow to the besieged phonemaker. Reuters first reported the news, and The Verge subsequently confirmed Google’s suspension of business with Huawei with a source familiar with the matter. Reached for comment, a Google spokesperson said only “We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications.” The order, in this case, appears to be the US Commerce Department’s recent decision to place Huawei on the “Entity List,” which as Reuters reportsis a list of companies that are unable to buy technology from US companies without government approval. Huawei is now restricted to using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), cutting the company off from critical Google apps and services that consumers outside of China expect on Android devices. That also means Huawei will only be able to push security updates for Android once they’re made available in AOSP, assuming the company uses its own update system. It’s not clear yet how this will affect the full range of Android integrations that Huawei depends on, but we will update this story when we receive additional clarification about the impacts of Google’s decision. Huawei has been under increasing pressure from President Trump and the US government over fears that its equipment could be used by the Chinese government to spy on American networks. These fears have been under construction for a long time; In 2018, US intelligence agencies warned against using Huawei and ZTE devices, and US politicians have described Huawei as “effectively an arm of the Chinese government.” Huawei maintains that it is not possible for the Chinese government to poison its equipment with backdoors, and it has remained optimistic about the future of its business. But this latest setback from Google poses a grave risk to the future of Huawei’s core mobile business. The company was already preparing its own operating systems in the event of being banned from using Android and Windows, but given US fears about foreign interference, a home-grown OS is likely to face even more scrutiny than Google’s software. SOURCE: The Verge
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