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  1. Final Fantasy VIII. It had a time counter so alam ko na it took me more than a hundred hours. Not that it's difficult, may pagka-obsessive lang ata ako when it comes to RPGs, I want the max stats and best weapons always.
  2. I'm not sure about the rank, pero the Philiippines won the Little League. Kaso at the time may investigation kung may mga high school student na isinali ang Team Philippines. I was in Japan when that happened, wala pang internet noon kaya wala na akong balita aside from that international news snippet, there was no follow up kung napatunayan ba o hindi. I was so bummed, ang hirap na nga i-promote sa mga Filipino ang baseball nagkaroon pa nang ganung scandal.
  3. I played baseball from grade school to high school in Japan. It's sad that it is not that popular here in the Philippines.
  4. 1. Metal Gear Solid (PS One) 2. Final Fantasy VIII (PS One) 3. Resident Evil 2 (PS One) 4. Tekken 3 (arcade) 5. God Of War 3 (PSP)
  5. There is no one specific hero that would guarantee you'd win every time. Besides, I recommend na mag-practice ka ng at least one hero for each Role, it's best to assume na may makakasama kang toxic na teammate, and as a real gamer mas maganda na ikaw 'yung magaling mag-adjust.
  6. I was so excited for MK11, I thought it would be the best ever. After playing it for almost two months, I noticed I came back to Tekken 7.
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