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  1. Maganda brooklyn 99 i finished the entire series. You should try monk and psych too.
  2. @GoryTonio may pagkascam nga. Unless hindi pa kumpleto uploads nila. The banner claims of 12k + images and videos. So far wala pang vids and the pictures, i estimate, would not even exceed 150 images. Although hindi ko na binuksan yung mga free galleries kasi parang fhm pictorial lang. Anyways, i hope madagdagan within a month otherwise i would just cancel
  3. I just registered for premium content. At $4.99/month, i'm a bit frustrated. 2 "uncensored" galleries but not much to see except for a frontal shot of angel malit. Huwag na kayo magregister i'll post all this weekend.
  4. Your lawyer is basically your employee. Pwede ka magpalit anytime. Kailangan lang syempre sabihin mo sa kanya para mainform din yung court so that he could be relieved of his duties before a new lawyer can enter his appearance. As to the dismissal of the case, I believe it is already being heard kasi 4 years na. Hindi naman na basta basta madidismiss yan once it is already filed in court. Presentation na ng evidence yan and it will be up to the judge to decide. Kasi nga, paano malalaman kung mahina or malakas ang evidence laban sayo kung hindi didinggin ang kaso. One more thing, hindi mo kaila
  5. Welcome paps. Enjoy the website. Please remember that this is a sharing forum. We'll be looking forward to your shares. Post na agad ng malupit. Hehe!
  6. Download and install internet download manager. Automatic download na yan sa lahat ng website kahit walang download option yung mismong site.
  7. Welcome sir. Enjoy your stay. Cheers!
  8. Merry Christmas! Happy New year na din! More power to APS!
  9. Bro pasend nung Janarah pix mo. Meron tayo dito pero hindi kumpleto. 

  10. wating94


    Welcome back bro.
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    Welcome bro! Halungkat ka na sa collections mo start contributing.
  12. wating94

    Hi APS

    Welcome. enjoy your stay.
  13. Sa yourexotic.com madami dun. kailangan din registration and maintain download-seed ratio pero madali lang naman. nagupload lang ako isang torrent noon na hindi ko na tinatanggal sa torrent client ko mataas na ratio ko. kahit walang nagdodownload basta naka online lang torrent mo tataas na ratio mo. mabilis pa downloading doon madami seeders. more on JAV ang mga uploads nila.
  14. Dami ko rin nadownload sa extratorrent na yan. Sayang naman.
  15. I handle annulment cases sino may plano sa inyo? Hehe! Actually yung ginagamit natin na psychological incapacity as a ground is declaration of nullity ang tawag sa petition. Misnomer ang annulment pero dahil common mistake e medyo accepted na din. Sa declaration of nullity, void from the beginning ang marriage. Sa annulment, voidable lang; valid until annuled. Magkaiba din grounds nila.
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