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  1. The 90's Bulls with JorDan, Pippen & Rodman during their prime will beat Miami's Big three all the time... No contest...
  2. Lakers pa rin. The defending champs are back to their winning ways since the all star break and closing in on the gap with the spurs as the No. 1 seed...
  3. it think it will come down the Celtics and the Heat in the Eastern Conference finals.... Celtic's defense will shut down lebron so its up to wade to carry them....
  4. Nash Kobe Lebron Griffin Gasol
  5. additional images here from 2006 i think...
  6. humahabol pa.... i'm still looking for the foreign celebrity wallpapers.... i'll post them if i can find them...
  7. mula sa lumang baul...
  8. hope you like this set...
  9. found some more images on my old hardrive.... I'll post some more later....
  10. I found more on my old computer.... Most of these were designed for Mac (folders are one the left side) kaya images are mostly on the right...(except for one gwen wallpaper)
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