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  1. Welcome @GatGatnayan Please read our Forum rules here: Enjoy your stay here at APS!
  2. My Top JAV Actress February 25, 2021 Updated Lists: 1. Yua Mikami 2. Tsukasa Aoi 3. Tsumugi Akari 4. Karen Kaede 5. Kana Momonogi 6. Shoko Takahashi 7. Aino Kishi 8. Minami Kojima 9. Nene Yoshitaka 10. Hibiki Otsuki
  3. news na noon pa yan, naging sakim kc si Krause...
  4. Coronavirus very likely of animal origin, no sign of lab manipulation: WHO GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that all available evidence suggests the novel coronavirus originated in animals in China late last year and was not manipulated or produced in a laboratory. U.S. President Donald Trump said last week that his government was trying to determine whether the virus emanated from a lab in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic emerged in December. "All available evidence suggests the virus has an animal origin and is not manipulated or constructed in a lab or somewhere else," WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told a Geneva news briefing. "It is probable, likely, that the virus is of animal origin." It was not clear, Chaib added, how the virus had jumped the species barrier to humans but there had "certainly" been an intermediate animal host. "It most likely has its ecological reservoir in bats but how the virus came from bats to humans is still to be seen and discovered." She did not respond to a request to elaborate on whether it was possible the virus may have inadvertently escaped from a lab. The Wuhan Institute of Virology has dismissed rumours both that it synthesized the virus or allowed it to escape. Chaib, asked about the impact of Trump's decision last week to suspend funding to the U.N. agency over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, said: "We are still assessing the situation about the announcement by President Trump ...and we will assess the situation and we will work with our partners to fill any gaps." "It is very important to continue what we are doing not only for COVID but for many, many, many, many other health programmes," she added, referring to action against polio, HIV and malaria among other diseases. She said that the WHO was 81 percent funded for the next two years as of the end of March, referring to its $4.8 billion biennial budget. The United States is the Geneva-based agency's biggest donor. Other big contributors are the Gates Foundation and Britain. source: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-very-likely-animal-origin-102612087.html
  5. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public link from WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
  6. How to wash clothes during the COVID-19 crisis Whether you’re leaving the house to exercise or spend time outdoors, or if you’re someone that works in a pharmacy, grocery store or in healthcare, you need to make sure you’re taking proper care to ensure your clothes are safe once you enter your home. While there’s no definitive evidence regarding the lifespan on COVID-19 on clothes, the virus is known to cling to other materials. According to the National Institute of Health, the virus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard and even two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. While your clothes are mostly comprised of fabric, they also have details like metal zippers and buttons, where the coronavirus can linger for longer than on more porous materials. Of course, if you work in a field where you’re forced to interact with people — say a grocery store or in healthcare — or if you’re the caretaker of a person that has tested positive for the coronavirus, you should take extra precautions. The CDC advises wearing disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry, which you should discard after use. If you have reusable gloves, make sure those are the designated gloves for disinfection and cleaning, and don’t use them for anything else around the house. Make sure to wash your hands after removing the gloves, too. When doing your laundry, make sure to use the warmest appropriate water setting, then be sure to dry as thoroughly as possible. If you are the caretaker for an ill person, you can wash their dirty laundry in the same load. Make sure not to shake dirty clothes, as it can potentially disperse the virus through the air. If you’re using a clothes hamper, the CDC advises to clean it using a mixture of bleach and water — specifically, five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water or four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. If possible, line your hamper with disposable bag liners, which you should throw away after each use. If you don’t have a washing machine at home and have to use the laundromat, make sure you wear gloves when touching the stainless steel and chrome handles and rolling baskets. Don’t worry about the coronavirus lingering inside the machine — the wash cycle will help stop it in its tracks. source: https://ca.style.yahoo.com/coronavirus-life-span-clothes-172319910.html
  7. 1. Crash Landing on You 2.The K-2 3. The King: Eternal Monarch 4. Vagabond
  8. The boat is sinking...... Boy Abunda nag-host ng dinner para kay Aiai delas Alas at GMA bosses Read the Article here: https://www.gmanetwork.com/entertainment/showbiznews/news/59780/boy-abunda-nag-host-ng-dinner-para-kay-aiai-delas-alas-at-gma-bosses/story
  9. tsk!...tsk!...tsk!... Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1203051/house-employees-get-p150000-bonus-each
  10. Banned Member Violations: APS Forum Rule 3. Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Posting insulting words, sarcasm, irony, and other flaming words will not be tolerated. Avoid personal attacks. If you disagree with what someone posted, debate their post and not the person that posted it. In a same vein, do not use all CAPS in your topic title and content since this is considered shouting and hence, rude. You may receive a warning or more severe sanctions for doing any of these. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Keep the profanity to a minimum. Keep in mind that this website and its forum are visited by people from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom do not appreciate vulgar language. The less profanity there is, the better the forum is for everyone. Besides, a foul mouth does not make you look very impressive. If you are seen posting profane words against a specific member, you will be warned and possibly banned from the forum if you continue to do so. Profanity and any other insults directed at Moderators and Administrators, through the forum, through PM or through any other means will result in banning and an instant deletion of your account. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Don't ever argue with Moderators/Administrators. Regardless of your point of argument, Moderators/Administrators have the final say and you may find yourself banned unnecessarily. If you feel that you have to raise an issue to us, you have to say it politely and in a nice way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32. If you want to request something, take note of the following: a. You must have contributed in APS by posting at least 10 new topics. b. You must have a post count of 100 before requesting. c. Minimize your request--at most ONLY 1 requests per day (24 hours). If you posted an invalid request and it gets closed, that is your 1 request for the day. d. Make sure that you thank and like the reply for the one who filled the request. Thank in the thread and/or in PM. e. Do not reply if you're not going to fill the request. We will close the thread if someone replies without providing the request. f. Don't request in somebody else's post. g. Put your request on the topic's subject. h. No requesting of passwords or anything of this type: file host premium accounts, adult passes, et al.. i. If you answer the request you should not post the requested material on the request thread. Post it on the appropriate board (e.g. movie link; post it on the Movies thread). Just provide the APS link when you answer the request. j. No requesting of materials that are disclose inside the VIP or were deleted/removed on the forum due to complaints. k. Request that are not filled for a month will be locked -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. self proclaimed "GOAT Defender!" ….but for us, HE is the
  12. Netflix’s frightening thriller “Bird Box” scored the biggest seven-day viewership of all the streamer’s original movie releases to date — with just over 45 million member accounts having watched the movie in the first week, the company claimed Friday. The movie bowed Dec. 21 worldwide on Netflix, and became an instant — if traumatizing — Christmas Day family-viewing experience for some. The Sandra Bullock-starrer also has spawned a raft of internet memes since its release. In “Bird Box,” Bullock is a single mom trying to save her kid’s lives after mysterious forces invade Earth and causes people to kill themselves. Survivors navigating the post-apocalyptic world must wear blindfolds or be exposed to supernatural entities that embody their deepest fears. “Took off my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!” the Netflix Film account on Twitter boasted Friday.
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