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  1. My Tip for Windows 10 users. Set all your internet connections (whether from your router or hotspot connection to your mobile device) to a Metered Connection. That way you prevent Windows from downloading updates every now and then which slows down connection.
  2. edpoli


    Who's watching MPBL (Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League or Manny Pacquiao Basketball League?) Maganda para sa akin kasi may halong commercial basketball na pang Regional/Baranggay-Provincial Level. And we get to see players na hindi na active sa PBA playing for their hometown as well as D League level players. I am rooting for Bulacan Kuyas who were 2nd sa standing sa playoffs but got eliminated sa quarter finals. Now its Batangas vs Muntinlupa sa Finals, with Batangas drawing First Blood sa best-of-five championship. Currently 10 teams ang nag participate, with add
  3. definitely career growth. what you don't see or feel in the first 6 or 9 months, you will not definitely see or feel if you stay longer.
  4. I agree with you that the change should come from fixing the institutions. But the way things are going, and by the way Duterte and his supporters are putting it, the only way to do it is with Duterte. We've seen this kind of thinking, take Pampanga for example. Ed Panlilio was elected due to the clamor of the people for change, but we saw what happened. He failed to change the institution because the institution don't want to be changed. Of course he did not rule with a "kamay na bakal", and so the institution removed him. The institution I'm referring to is the institution of corruption. Cor
  5. none. dami na kasing "easter egg" along the movie's length
  6. from what I read, its going to be Glenn (again???). But who knows!!!
  7. At the moment, it may be logical to vote for Duterte considering the "optional obedience to our laws". But is 6 years enough? What will happen after 6 years? Will there be another one who will step up and follow through? Let's also remember that the Government has 3 branches; the Legislative, Justice, and Executive. All the members of the Legislative are elected. He can however appoint the Justices but can only be remove through impeachment. He has to become a dictator in order to overcome all the legal impediments to his future actions, both legally and illegally. I am not against Dut
  8. My Vote Abby Poblador Paulene So Mayumi Yokohama Hazel Feliciano Ann Miranda
  9. Napansin ba ninyo na parang may something si Binay at Duterte sa huling debate? Parang hindi magkalaban ang turing nila sa isa't isa. Maliban sa pag tutol ni Duterte sa notes ni Binay. Undecided pa rin ako hanggang ngayon, but I'm definitely not for Binay.
  10. Pnoy was an accidental President and a necessitated one. He could not have run and won if not for the death of his mother. And Erap could have been the President who will definitely win over Roxas. Imagine our country's current state with Erap as President and Binay as VP. The Daang Matuwid never really fluorished because in this country, there is no power if there is no money, and money leads to corruption. Noynoying is what he really is. A person with no sense of concern for others. Probably brought about by what he experienced at a young age. And this trait was transmitted like a d
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