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  1. Naniniwala ba kayo na ang mundo ay bilog? O ito ay isang patag? There has been a rising trend out there about flat earth theorists and they are becoming more vocal. Most of them would say that NASA is faking pictures of our planet and that the "edge" of the planet is a high wall made of ice (Just like in GoT) What is your take on the issue?
  2. Best scene so far is the talk between the Queen of Thorns and Jaime. Tyrion is being outwitted by his siblings. They really should attack King's Landing NOW.
  3. May nabasa ako na hindi daw suicide kundi pinatay daw siya talaga kasi gusto niya ma expose yung Pedophile Syndicate in the entertainment industry.
  4. I don't think this would affect APS because APS is not Facebook. Hindi naman kasi ganon din kasikat yung APS as compared to FB. Besides, FB is a social media site whereas APS is just another website. Parang napaka imposible din naman yata na ma trackdown lahat ng sites na nag shshare ng mga files. If APS was really shutdown, may mga ibang paraan pa naman talaga para makapag share ng files. There are other forums available on the net in which the Philippines cannot exercise jurisdiction. Or use cloud storage, MF sites, etc.
  5. Mas kalat yan pag sa mga bus. Ibang klase talaga. Marami na talaga akong naririnig ng ganyang mga kwento sa mga kakilala kong babae. Talagang napapansin daw nila.
  6. Time Bandits (1981) I don't know why the hell this movie is so high in ratings. Maybe I just don't get it or maybe this movie was really meant for younger audiences back in the 80's. And the ending! Ganon lang yun? As a grown adult who watched it recently, this movie sucked.
  7. The most surprisingly good horror Filipino film for me is Feng Shui. The first one. The second one really sucked and I wish that they did not make that movie. The story made sense. Lotus Feet was scary. Naalala ko pa yung scene ni Lotus Feet na sakal si someone sa ibaba ng hagdan.
  8. Some "pastor" groups are not available publicly. Meaning they are a secret group where members are "screened" first before they are admitted to the group where they share mature content na sila sila lang din ang nakakakita. However, some groups that are adapting the name "pastor" are open publicly where anyone can view the content posted thereon. Dito na siguro sila nag popost ng kung sino sinong user sa fb na mga pa walk daw. Pero itong mga gagong user na member, naniniwala naman at nag mmessage agad dun sa profile. Hindi naman ako against sa paggagawa ng mga pastor groups as long as sila sila lang din yung nag share at hindi nangdadamay ng mga inosente. On a side note, I think that FB has a sort of screening process on what contents are allowed to be posted. May nakakita na ba sa inyo na nag post na mga gore sa FB? Kagaya ng pinugutan ng ulo or maybe animal porn or child porn? Although may nabalita ako na may nag post ng actualy live killing through FB live stream but that was deleted immediately. So I think that FB does have a sort of censorship.
  9. Nahihilig ako ngayon sa mga x265 na files. Maliit kasi siya and maganda yung quality ng vid. Downside is not all players can play the file properly. Hindi siya nag pplay ng maayos on my generation 1 iPad. I recommend psarips for series and latest movies. There is also Joybell. One movie file is like 500mb which is in 720p. One season for like lets say How I met Your mother is around 4-5gig. Also 720p.
  10. Aunt Mae became hawt. Si Vulture lang ba kalaban ngayon ni Spidey?
  11. Marami din akong nababasa na mas maganda nga ito kesa sa Luke Cage. Hindi ko pa napapanood ito. Pero yung Luke Cage, hindi ko talaga nagustuhan. For some reason, masyadong mataas rating niya.
  12. Mobile Legends. Mabilisang game lang.
  13. dos games would be Dune, not the RTS but the adventure one, King's Quest (Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow), Kyrandia, and Monkey Island. (I love point and click adventure games.) And that game where you type IDDQD and IDKFA
  14. Mukang kailangan ko na talaga bumili ng gaming pc. Hahaha.
  15. What will happen at King's Landing? Dany has the Martells, the Tyrells, some Greyjoys, the Dothraki horde, the Unsullied, and three dragons. Cersei has no allies. Maybe some other houses but no major house. The Knights of the Vale are now with the Starks. There would be no help also coming from the North as the Boltons are destroyed. The Freys might also be gone. I think that next season would focus only on Westeros as all major characters are already there. No more Meereen, Bravos, Yunkai, or Astapor. I also think that, at most, GoT would last for two seasons more unless there's another plot that would be introduced or if the battle with the Night King is dragged on.
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