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  1. i always prefer raw for personal reasons and to highlight how a photographer works around with the lights and camera settings.
  2. would you rather let him be in a relationship with lies ? the truth is painful but it needs to be told.
  3. if you care enough of your friend's happiness, informing her/him with the enough evidences should be given.
  4. kakaiba yata na march pa lang ganyan na yun shortage. kadalasan naalala ko na april may dumarating yun shortage eh
  5. to add to this. may teaser na nga yun photog dito sa mismong thread na yun. pwede rin naman idagdag dun yun pics na accessible publicly.
  6. @Jigoy @darkzone711135 there is a need for it now given how lur mag has become quite an internet buzz to a point that it becomes a contention point of the photographers who worked for those shoots.at first we could handle it accordingly given how few people are actually looking for it but now where there are a lot of leechers on this site who are just waiting for a new whole set to be posted accordingly and reselling them outside the lurmag website, we have to protect their owners as well. we pride APS on being free but that freedom doesn't need to cost a photographer's well earned hardwork in the long run.
  7. jigoy, don't post the whole set. you or people might as well not buy it on the site. EDIT: Split the discussion from Donna Chan's thread medyo humaba na usapana eh.
  8. anything advertised on google as a password hacker isn't effective. phishing site pa nga iba dyan.
  9. welcome, please read and follow forum rules.
  10. "nauuso" lang yan dahil mas madaling ikalat yan thru social media. marami nang ganyan dati pa.
  11. not really, gumagalaw lang ang fb kapag may nagrereport at kung yun nagupload eh meron nang history sa ganyang material kaya napakadali makaikot sa censorship nito.
  12. i will only support death penalty if they prove in no doubt that the one they are sentencing is the true criminal
  13. wala naman talaga dos and donts ang movie sharing aside from basic torrenting rules and website shenaningans. DMCA takedown will happen whether it's a big site or not.
  14. it has one fatal loophole to date: would your consciousness be the same after having been deconstructed and reconstructed somewhere else.
  15. http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/5796-apply-for-an-aps-contributor-rank/ read carefully.
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