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  1. Semi-Automatic - 21 pilots
  2. Eks

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    I like Alternative, indie and Jazz.
  3. Present! Since 2010.. still vaping.
  4. From Shienalyn.. Last May 13, 2019 i had a bad experience of implied shoot with Gem Tugade the story goes like this. First, Inadd nya ako sa fb and inaccept kita kasi madami tayo mutual models and photogs at the same time, stalk your profile sobrang ganda ako sa mga output mo look so professional and classy lahat ng shoot mo. Everyday pinipiem mo ako mag set tayo shoot. Sabi ko sige, no prob basta off ako sa work.(OutDoor)sinend mo I agree as long as maganda at classy tignan(MagazinePeg) As in Everyday Tinatawagan nya ako sa Messenger ang kulit niya Hanggang sa dumating yung e
  5. Anyone seen the viral about the photographer asking models that he shoots for sex? So disgusting. Salot sa industriya ka! He should be placed behind bars for sexual assult!
  6. One headlight - The wallflowers
  7. Blackhawk Down Last of the Mohicans Pretty in Pink
  8. Don't switch. Master your skill first. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine
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