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  1. I think he's using common psychology to increase his trust rate with his speech, (although I think GMA was defnitely corrupt) P-Noy did not lay the details of how exactly he was gonna take care of those cases. If GMA did it, it should only be normal that the next president holds GMA accountable.
  2. All of us find a certain sex position kinky or preferred, in this case, when you start making love, what position do you normally start with? And when it's time to end it, how do you end it? Lemme start. I prefer starting by sending out the Missionary and then end it doggy style.
  3. Shaq still is a force when you know how to use him on offense and defense...Celtics just got stronger IMHO, Miami still doesn't have anyone that can stop Dwight Howard and Shaq...
  4. Alaska din ako dati pa...since the time that they drafted Arigo and Cablay...ehehe...up 2-0 ang Alaska, sana mag champion!
  5. 4 ang allstars mo HBK, you can only have a maximum of 3 allstars on the team.
  6. Guys, just like the addition of LBJ, and Bosh to Miami, if you were to create your own team with a trio of superstars that are now in the NB, who would the players be? The rules are just basic, maximum of three superstars and 2 starters and 5 reserves players for a total of twelve. It's more like you being the manager of your own team. Lemme Start... PG Stephen Curry SG Joe Johnson SF Kevin Durant PF LaMarcus Aldridge C Marc Gasol PG Daniel Gibson SG Eric Gordon SF Terrence Williams PF JJ Hickson C Jason Thompson
  7. stopped farmtown, mafia wars and cafe world a long time ago...blocked na kasi facebook dito sa office...now i enjoy farmerama.com....tapos lahat ng online flash games...eto lng kasi ang available na ma browse sa network namin sa office...
  8. hehehe...i was for cleveland before, but with what Lebron did, i really go for Boston, especially the way they handled last season.... Miami will need time, basta gusto ko talaga Cleveland will be the number 8 seed and will knockout the #1 seed Miami...
  9. I hope to be a freelance content writer soon...ehehehe! And hopefully within the year I can be Team Leader or Supervisor...
  10. I think the team to beat would still be the defending EC Champs- the Celtics. Although with Miami, talagang malakas sila in paper they have nothing proven yet...I really don't like what Miami has become...mas maganda yung rivalry ni Dwayne Wade at LeBron...I go with the Magic...and also I stick with the CAVS...hope they pull an upset without LeBron...
  11. I'd say LA is still the team to beat...but this year im placing my bets on San Antonio, they have Tiago Splitter coming along with a young group of guys...I say they're the sleeper...they always seem to be left out...pero Spurs ako this year.
  12. Sana nga there will be a time that we can bring back the glory to Philippine Basketball- the closest we ever got was with the team of Coach Uichico, the time when Danny Seigle was at his prime and got injured during a exhibition match with Iraq. I can't exactly remember the year but we had a really strong team that was capable of beating China. But anyways, hope all the hardwork and dedication of the Smart Gilas players would pay off.
  13. We have a new president, PNoy...I would like to hear your thoughts and impressions of our new president based on the things he has done the past month as he started his presidency. So far, for me, I am not at all impressed with his decision making. Although he has stood by his principles, I still find some of his appointments questionable. And it seems as though he doesn't know how to answer the press. What about you guys? What do you think of our PNoy?
  14. My pet peeve is with one of my workmates. She was already a Senior Tech (I don't know why she was one) by the time I was doing OFT (on-the-floor training). Me, being a newbie, had some questions to confer with her since she was a Senior Tech. But it turned out, all she ever answered was to use the references she made which to me was pointless. This was just the beginning. As I was just a tier 1, some customer's would actually ask for a Senior Tech right away- she would not answer the call. If she had nowhere to run she would just give me a pointless script or a verbiage which I already used. So this began to really piss me off, not only me but some of my batchmates as well who were technically inclined as well. So what we did was, we made a complaint, sent it to our VP (our company has an open door policy), it was signed by all the newbies on the floor. A day after, they had a meeting, she was obliged to take Senior Tech calls whenever there was one, no questions asked. Eventually, she still found a way around it, she began to pile up the tickets on her bin and had the other Senior Techs work on her cases. This had been going on for almost a year when finally, I was assigned to do the outbound calls. This was where her misery started. One of my responsibilities was to check on the Senior Techs bin and make sure they clear it up before the day would end. Each and every day I would make a report, and I would always point her out as having done nothing. Finally, news broke out she was resigning, and she did, but not before she had to call her customer each and every day till the day she resigned. I made sure she had no way out this time. The day after she resigned, I took over her customers, which as expected, issues were not resolved. But oh well, even though I think I was mean to her, I definitely think she deserved that more than she deserved her post as an SeniorTech just by sweet talking the superiors.
  15. amazing how they can connect each plot altogether and then provide a different twist...looking forward to this.
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