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  1. welcome back sir.. Enjoy po sa pagbobrowse..
  2. ganda nila.. info kung may alam kau regarding to the FA in the front..
  3. hi.. welcome!! what you see here is what you get.. take some time to browse our forum. Don't forget to read the rules and regulations.. we are all cool here.. cooler than slurpee on 711..
  4. at first when i saw the name kevin mchale on the cast.. i thought it was the NBA Legend kevin mchale.. share lang hehe...
  5. Billionaire by travis Mccoy.. sarap mangarap..
  6. that's what I noticed also.. same in SM..
  7. I recently read this news at bulatlat.com regarding their reporter Wheng Hidalgo who worked in ABS-CBN for 16 yrs but never as a regular employee For more of the news. http://www.bulatlat.com/main/2010/09/11/for-abs-cbn-six-to-16-years-of-service-to-the-company-does-not-seem-to-matter/
  8. A University in Saudi (Ha'il, KSA) is looking for the following: Teachers: Computer Science (Male / Female) Physics (Female) Math (Female) Biology (Female) Chemistry (Female) Must have atleast 2 years experience in teaching on a University Master's Degree Network Technicians (Male) IT Technicians (Male / Female) X-Ray Technician (Male / Female) Civil Engineer** ** Must have extensive knowledge in AutoCAD if interested please send an email to lancehbk@yahoo.com thank you very much!
  9. welcome!! Enjoy your stay! tambay lang lagi..
  10. Welcome sir!! tambay ulet.. Enjoy!!
  11. nice thanks for the updates.. wait ko nalang ulet matapos ung season para isang panuoran hehe..
  12. hhmm.. atleast a team still have faith on him. now all remains is Iverson where will he be?? but for me i want t-mac also on celtics.. so that all former All-star veterans are there.. it will be a dream team tmac, allen, garnett, pierce, jermaine oneal, shaq, the retired wallace and iverson.. inlcude also finley.. just my 1 cent.
  13. hhmm yup wrestling nowadays seems boring.. especially the story lines and their Superstars, either their injured, or go to TNA.. yup MMA/UFC is fun to watch.. brutal..
  14. finally.. meron na ulet.. this was one of my favorite series.. because of Ellie hahaha!!
  15. bossing tonio.. as always.. pm me your details hehehe..
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