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  1. Any more free VPN suggestions? Requirement na yata ito for PLDT users to be able to browse APS. I think PLDT just blacklisted Funkyimage, Imgbox, and Mediafire.
  2. Wala nang FHM magazine sa suking newstand ninyo next month: Summit Media closes magazines' print editions From ABS-CBN News Posted at Apr 11 2018 10:34 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2018 10:02 AM After 23 years in the publishing industry, Summit Media is closing the print editions of magazines under its wing and is going fully digital. Summit announced its digital transformation Wednesday, bidding farewell to its "magazine past" and closing the remaining print editions of its brands Cosmopolitan Philippines, Preview, Yes Magazine, Top Gear, FHM and Town and Country.
  3. Guys, when you see someone writhing on the ground, call for medical help and not a priest. That person is having an epileptic seizure, not a demonic possession.
  4. I stand by evolution and completely reject the notion that a deity created me. Man created God and not the other way around.
  5. Science versus religion? I'll take the side of science all day every day.
  6. Euthanasia, no. Assisted suicide, yes.
  7. I think the question should be who's the BETTER rapper, because neither is the BEST rapper. Jay Z's better than Kanye, but they can't match the skills of the OG rappers of the 80's and 90's.
  8. Pro, only on crimes where a life was taken (e.g. murder). The death penalty should only be used as a tool for justice, not used as a deterrent to crimes.
  9. For Filipinos, it's usually because the ISPs are deliberately throttling the speed just because they can get away with it.
  10. Does anyone know which Filipino politicians employed Cambridge Analytica during the last election?
  11. If you like Narcos, check out El Chapo on Netflix. It's in Spanish, but it's more realistic than Narcos.
  12. Was watching The Grand Tour yesterday and they awarded the Nissan Juke as The Worst Car of The Year. Clarkson, Hammond and May really disliked the Juke, calling it awful.
  13. The WWE doesn't care about the wrestlers' health, they just don't want to be sued again. Vince McMahon's an a-hole.
  14. Same here. Kobe Bryant's retirement means that the Lakers will now have a lot of money to start rebuilding the team. I see another Lakers championship within the next 3 seasons.
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