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  1. wala pahirapan makakuha ng stocks. ilang buwan nang released pero dahil sa mga scalpers walang nakakakuha. imagine Sony Centre sells it for around 27800 yet yung mga kupal na scalpers binebenta ng 55,000. kahit na may inside connection ako sa SC at DataBlitz, kahit sila daw di makakuha ng stocks eh. hintay ka na lang ng a year. kakarmahin din yang mga scalpers na yan.
  2. WINDOW TYPE initial cost: cheap (you can get a decent one for 12k below) operating cost: average (electricity bill averages usually 4k) maintenance: cheap (cleaning just cost 500 pesos) reliability: good (my panasonic AC is 4 years old already, still cool even at 20 degrees; prior to that, our condura AC lasted 9 years) SPLIT TYPE initial cost: expensive (besides the AC, the compressor is another one to buy) operating cost: cheap (average bill from my friends are around 2k with refrigerator and other appliances, around 3.5k) maintenance: expensive
  3. ang tame ng set ni paulene compared kay angel.
  4. Tina Yuzuki Anri Okita Akiho Yoshizawa Julia Tia
  5. there are other members here who are leeching the site for it and post it on other sites, claiming it was theirs.
  6. everything went down the drain after they killed the FHM 100% Hottie section in my opinion.
  7. Then stay away from teamworx and yummy. Those two (made by yummy) are crap.
  8. post what you have. kaming mga moderators ang bahala mag-move or mag-assign sa proper sections if ever you happen to post it in the wrong thread or section. thank you.
  9. Demon vape? Hahaha nope but I know the maker.
  10. I do vape pero medyo kilala ako sa vaping scene so I'll just keep it that way
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